Android 2.1.4

(Beckwith) #1

SmartThings Android 2.1.4 includes some crash fixes, improvements for performance, and enhanced stability. Notable improvements include:

Several crash fixes
Fixed a text issue on device tiles with long names
Fixed an issue with device statuses failing to update
Fixed issues with secondary controls for devices with multi-attribute tiles
Fixed an issue where the activity feed would fail to load, causing a blank screen


I’ll wait to celebrate when I see this for my own eyes. Let’s go check Google Play… brb


still no fix for the color temperature bug.


This isn’t a mobile bug - that’s a platform issue that should be fixed tonight or tomorrow.


Thank you for the quick update :slight_smile: you guys are on a roll!!


No change for me. The wide tile below the main tile contains what should be displayed like it use to do a few revisions ago:

(Mike Maxwell) #7

its nice to see the APK getting smaller…, wasn’t the original 2.0.x release much larger?, like 50M?

(Mike Maxwell) #8


(Bobby) #9

Minor QA oversight?

(Mike Maxwell) #10

only does this on my S2 tablet, note 5 is fine…

(Bob) #11

I rate the 2.1.4 update a solid meh.
All the things I reported wrong with 2.1.3 are still wrong: gray-on-gray text in activity feed when ‘Display extra events’ is enabled, standardTiles w/ (apparent) hard-coded line feed (\n) before label text… thus bumping text to bottom of the tile circle where it is truncated, label text on tiles being converted to UC… which further exacerbates the the truncation issue and is inconsistent with the mixed case labels in the official ST icons.

On the plus side, at least it’s no worse. :neutral_face:

(DataCrypt) #12

There is still a bug in where each time either a Hub or Mobile update occurs, I have to go into my SmartThings app on each phone and reset my family SmartApps notifications (since I have family members who I have to have this installed to be able to use it to receive away/arrive notifications)

Basically, I have to go into the person under family, then SmartApps, then “Notify Me When” event. I simply have to click on Done and it seems to update something at SmartThings so it starts working again. Why!? I should not have to do this. Powering down the hub (v2) and back on does not work (batteries are removed as I use UPS for battery backup).

Anyone else able to replicate this or provide updates, would be greatly appreciated.