Android 2.2.4 release notes?

Just installed 2.2.4, but the release notes haven’t changed … I think. So am I getting bug fixes? … new bugs? … new crashes? … inquiring minds want to know :sake:

Operationally, it seems the same for me — lock up here, a crash there once in a while, kind of slow … you know, the usual :unamused:


Looks like the text in my DTH tiles now line up correctly again.


Looks like the same release notes were used so no idea.

Looks like the icons in the Market Place have changed, but I’m not sure since I haven’t cruised that area in a while. I like the uniform look of it.

App still lags for me when I enter certain areas, though.

Is anybody else getting sick of scrolling down hundreds of devices before getting to “+ Add a Thing”?

We used to have multiple ways of adding, now it’s ergonomically the absolute worst place if you’ve got lots of devices.
Again, support will probably say you’re an edge case, but surely they want people to grow big systems right?


Nice to see they reverted there fix for the android input|paragraph state: “complete” bug yet again.