Android 2.0.6 - Release Notes

SmartThings Android 2.0.6 includes bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability. In addition we worked on some design polish of the use of fonts, button colors, made copy changes, and improved some of the userflows. Notable feature improvements and bug fixes are detailed below.

Feature Improvements:

  • Carousel of images auto advances pictures in device getting started experience
  • Device name that is saved during device getting started experience should now consistent on all subsequent getting started screens
  • Show single solution module if there is only one on the dashboard
  • When user clicks “Select a room” in device getting started experience - dynamically display “Add devices to room” option if option is available
  • Added a password confirmation field
  • Picture taken are now be saved to the device

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed crash on looking at a Sonos from ‘Things’, a room, or in ‘Activities’
  • Fixed routines header briefly disappears if left open when phone is put to sleep
  • Fixed error messaging for invalid login
  • Fixed carousel of images to match the aspect ratio
  • Connect a Hub now loops, and removed white space above video
  • Added success message for change password under My Account
  • Fixed, having a mode with hyphen (-) in the name does not allow for full name to display in Things list
  • Fixed, “unexpected error” pop up while editing device
  • Fixed mode changes in header
  • Fixed notifications being sent when a routine is tapped
  • Fixed crash on Smart Light configuration
  • Updated location deletion messaging

Regarding the announcement today…

I can’t believe this announcement from ST doesn’t take credit for finally fixing the multiAttributeTile rendering. That’s been an aggravation ever since 2.0 was introduced. It’s now the same as iOS and all the publicity images. No more dark center image, no more sometimes with and sometimes without the white ring. A small improvement, but a good one!

I would like to know what “- Picture taken are now be saved to the device” is referring to though. :smile:
Carousel pictures? Pictures we add for the ‘Rooms’ view? I hope it’s not the latter, because that would mean additional users would not see them.
@liztupper @slagle ??

Edit: Oops, just found some without the white ring (Nest thermostat, Samsung/SmartThings presence fob, First Alert ZCOMBO). Still… it’s a major visual improvement.

I would like to say this… Not a single crash since I updated it! ! ! !

Mine crashes within 3 minutes.

Love the ‘touch’ on SHM. Landing on the monitoring page is a great idea. Also the stability improved considerably. Still crashes but a lot less. Two notable new issues, if I want to make changes to a routine it takes me back to SmartApps, which is inconvenient and I am unable to remove inputs on thermostats setpoints in routines. This is the same issue I have with runin times in Smart Light app.

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Where did my room photos go?


[quote=“SBDOBRESCU, post:6, topic:29990”]
Love the ‘touch’ on SHM. Landing on the monitoring page is a great idea. [/quote]
I believe that’s only true if SHM is the only thing in Dashboard. I’m a holdout from v1, and as a result, also have “Home & Family” and “Lights & switches” in there. Nothing has changed for me.

I think that was done intentionally because users were complaining about not knowing where their smartapps went to after being configured for the first time. I think it would be the best of both worlds if they made it a settable option in the app (go to SmartApps or stay put).

But there are bigger issues that need to be addressed first (like VALUE_CONTROL still not being a valid type for multiAttributeTile display, or SECONDARY_CONTROL not rendering for anything other than “lighting” type). Still… it’s progress, albeit slow, baby steps.

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So now people will ask where the routine went after it was configured the first time. It doesn’t make any sense to take the user from the routine page to SmartApps page. But, like you said…mminor inconvenience.

I seen this on the past few updates, but still can’t read half the status of things in rooms or on the full list, need full status graphics like before, can’t read some items like motions and actions, all should be easily seen from a distance and color coded, shouldn’t have some tiny words in barely readable fonts.

This graphical look is much clearer…

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My room photos have disappeared also. Tried clearing android app cache and full application restart but still no images.

Other than that I like the changes to the smart monitor screen, a lot easier to read and far more logical.

I like this idea, I’ve not had SmartThings long but it bugged me that the page I use the least is the first and that it only used a very small amount of the screen. At least it utilises it’s space more now.

I too have lost most of my room photos. Interesting I hadn’t set up a ‘featured device’ on one of my rooms, this room has kept it’s photo so it looks like they issue may be related to ‘featured devices’

Room photos seem to work fine if you put them back on but obviously this is inconvenient.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! We are investigating what is happening with the rooms photos this morning and will look to review the rest of the feedback for consideration in future updates.

@Mr_Lucky for “Picture taken are now be saved to the device” this relates the profile picture that you set for yourself. If you are taking a new picture is will save to your photos on your phone, which it didn’t before.


@slagle @Mike_Maxwell Be still my heart…my app hasn’t crashed either since updating to 2.0.6. That’s never ever happened before. I’ve been having crashes ever since the original 2.0.0 release.

Holy crap!

I like all the other visual improvements as well, but I also lost my room images - except for just 2 rooms. @liztupper


Yea, knock on wood, it’s been solid so far for me as well…


I’ve had 3 or 4 crashes but yes much more stable… I agree with other issues.

  1. room pictures disappeared for most… but one of my hubs is remote so obviously I cannot retake pictures easily.

  2. the jumping back to smartapps whenever a change or done is selected on anything is stupid… stay on the page you were one.

  3. two cameras stopped working… I had to remove and re-add them.

I did remove and reinstall and that did not bring the missing room pictures back.

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I still don’t like the page I am brought to automatically.
Why do you assume I want to use “Smart Home Monitor”.

I use ST to monitor my lights and my doors. The old dashboard showed me my presence sensors, lights and my doors. As in “All doors closed”, “One person present” etc.

The new monitor only uses “Open/Close” sensors so does not work for my Garage Door. It lets me add a “Custom” monitor of my Garage door to trigger events and notices but it doesn’t display the status.

The new monitor does not let me monitor the state of lights or switches.

I have motion sensors but use them to trigger events not as security devices.

So I do not like the “Smart Home Monitor”, perhaps if they add more features to make it more like the old dashboard.

So with only a Garage door to configure this is what I see every time I open ST app.

How annoying is that !!!


New bug?? Can’t sort devices in a room anymore.

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You don’t have the 3-dot icon in the upper-right, with a menu choice of “Re-order”?

I do have the 3 dots… i can move the devices around but when I hit DONE, it goes back to the original position.

Another annoying but is when if you’re in a room and you go into the smartapp for a device and make any smartapp changes, it takes you ALL THE WAY OUT to the main smartapp tab. Why can’t it go back to the device’s smartapp screen.