Android Update 1.6.7 Release Notes (10/23/2014)

SmartThings version 1.6.7 includes several bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability. Below is a more comprehensive list of the changes. In addition to those mentioned below, there were several crashes and inconsistencies of device status that were addressed.


  • Header now remains persistent when keyboard appears
  • New mode names are now auto capitalized under Locations
  • When you add a 2nd location you are now prompted to walk through setup
  • Name field during account creation now auto capitalizes
  • Fixed, current location drop down in the left menu
  • Fixed, persistent keyboard bug when logging in and clicking the back button
  • Fixed, Notifications set to “None” no longer play default notification sound
  • Fixed, Infinite activity indicator in Home & Family and Doors & Locks
  • Fixed, Crash on SmartSetup in logged out view
  • Fixed, device pairing when selecting a top alert or action
  • Fixed, location image display when connecting a new use case
  • Fixed, right now image display in Home & Family
  • Fixed, Application crashes when backing out of Pairing process
  • Fixed, the title in the action bar in use cases
  • Removed extra Not Yet Configured / Connect New Device rows
  • Fixed, SmartApps that are uninstalled from Device Preferences are now removed from right drawer
  • Updates to Mobile Presence consistencies for users with multiple locations
  • Fixed, “Unfortunately SmartThings has stopped” from displaying when executing a SmartSetup search


  • Add error messaging if you try to pair a device to a hub that’s offline
  • Add option to just delete custom image on presence or group
  • Remove grey bar on new search results page
  • Removed redundant screens in the in-app firmware update process
  • Implemented a friendlier error when users are locked out of their account
  • Updated change password errors so they are clearer
  • Updated existing email errors for new account so they are clearer

New Feature:

  • Alert for User Without a Connected Hub When Connecting New Device

If you encounter any issues with the new build please email



Excellent! Great improvement documenting release notes!

Great! Finally a clear document with all of the changes.

Awesome! I am really glad to see this and the positive changes coming from it now.

Love the release notes!! One small request…

Maybe have a dedictated page for this? perhaps?

Ohter than that outstanding!

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It’s a work in progress. As always we welcome recommendations about how we can be more transparent.


Check out this conversation going on:

Here’s something I just discovered that I’ve been trying to do for a long time, so I’m wondering when this ability came about:

For devices that have the ability to change the background, like presence tags or custom device types (if coded), a new function now shows up when “set device image” is tapped. Before the only options were “take a photo” or “choose from gallery”, but now the new added option is “remove image”.

I have no idea when this showed up, but thanks!