Android 2.0.6 - Release Notes

I would try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app then. It works/saves fine for me, so it’s obviously not an intrinsic SmartThings issue (for a change :smile: ).

Just tried uninstalling… still same :frowning:

Confirmed. I can’t sort devices in a room. That was a problem a couple versions back as well…

Nope, doesn’t resolve the sorting issue for me.

Sorting fine in IOS. Problem is on Android… Samy… you’re trying to push me over to IOS?

Sorry for the duplicate post, so I deleted it.

Also confirmed. It’s amazing how ever release of the app or the server side breaks several things. Have they ever heard of testing ?

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Post what you guys are running for devices, and what Android version. Maybe there’s a commonality, and that info can be provided to ST to hopefully resolve.

It’s works fine for me on a Nexus 5 with 4.4.4 and a Nexus 7 with 5.1.

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Did that in a support ticket:

Note 4 and Galaxy S4 both on Android 5.0.1
Note Tab 2014 on Android 5.1.1

HTC One M7 Android 5.0.2
But sounds like the only one working is iOS from the thread and given this was an Android Update seems like an android issue.

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I guess you missed where I said (twice) that it’s working for me. Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 are ANDROID devices.

Ignore the “Groups” vs “Rooms” label. It’s a change I made on the rooted device (Nexus 5).

They are talking about sorting devices within rooms, not sorting the rooms. I can confirm that device order in a room is not being saved. I can reorder rooms with,no problem. Note 5 android 5.1.1


Why yes I did as a matter of fact (both times) but seems we are talking about different things anyway. Are you sorting things in a room or the rooms themselves ? Issue is with the former. Perhaps that is the cause of the difference.

Oops, you guys are right. :flushed:
I was thrown off by the fact the Edit Group function appears to work, but doesn’t save. Yeah, that’s a definite change (for the worse). Interestingly though, it kept the custom order I had sorted. Off to send in another support ticket.

I actually think every screen should be reorderable.


Yes … but they consider it to be a theoretical concept with no practical value.


I think we are beta testers… Happy Thanksgiving

aside from all the bitching I can take the couple of new bugs…
Thanks for fixing the app only about 3 crashes in two days… Much nicer actually being able to do stuff without it crashing or hanging every minute or two…


Agreed. This makes changing or checking the smartapps on a device a huge pain. This needs to be fixed. It makes no sense and is more than a minor inconvenience. New users will be totally lost as well.

It is only marginally better than the mobile app crashing every two or three times you hit “Done” in a smartapp. But not an acceptable workaround because it significantly hinders the workflow if you need to tweak multiple smartapps for a single device. It’s basically same number of clicks to get back to the device you were setting up as if the mobile app crashed. Bad bad bad! Clicking Done should take me back to the list of smartapps for the device I had last displayed the list of smartapps.

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Lots of crashes with the latest version and one of my apps is now sending notifications that are turned off. Very annoying. Had to remove the app. It’s the auto Enhanced door lock app. Only one that started sending alerts. Tried turning alerts on/off, removing app and re-installing same issue.

Ever since this update my presence sensor has stopped registering correctly… It beeps if I click beep however doesn’t appear to update when leaving/coming home. It also has a blank screen for “Recently” tab. I tried uninstalling/clearing app data. Also tried deleting sensor and re-adding it, nothing fixed the issue.