Iris Garage Door Opener stopped working

My Z-Wave Iris branded garage door opener stopped working with Smartthings. It was working fine for a month, but all of a sudden, if I try doing anything within the app, it no longer opens or closes, and the tilt sensor is always reporting Closed.

Could I just have a dead battery in the sensor? But wouldn’t this mean that the open/close functionality would still work? Looking for things to try that won’t cause me to have to redo routines/virtual switches/CoRE/etc.

Easiest thing to start with would be new battery in the tilt sensor and cycle the power to the unit.

I have two garage door openers, and the one is working fine. So i swapped batteries, and I still can’t communicate with the one. So it looks like the battery isn’t the issue.

i’ve had to cycle the power to mine a couple times. either unplug it and plug it back in, or cycke the breaker for the garage circuit


Turned the breaker off and back on, and that did the trick… Not sure what happened, oh well, thanks!

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