All SmartApp events broken? (May 30, 2018) (subscribed events not triggering automations)

Is anyone else having a problem with apps not responding to events?

As of ~1hr ago, all of my apps seem to have spontaneously stopped getting notified about subscribed events.


Yes. Same here. None of my web core Pistons fired this morning.

Same here. I just woke up, motion sensors are working but Good Morning CoRE not running.

None of my CoRE pistons ran either.

So all i really have left are motion and contact that are sending commands to HomeAssistant via MQTT. I thought something was broken on my end looks like I should have guessed it was Smartthings acting up. I just checked not a single event fires in the app but I can see motion all around the house.

Yes. WebCoRE is not working for me, either. As of this morning. SmartLighting is working but not WebCoRE – the one thing that controls 90% of my automations…

Same here.

Yup, here too. I hope it’s gonna be fixed soon :confused:

throwing my name on the list same here all dead

The keywords are “subscribed events” . All my other smartapps work fine.
Gotta love this Community. Spent over an hour trying to figure out why the app Send Event to EventGhost, which recorded its last event at 30-May-2018 04:49:07, was no longer working. Eventually narrowed down to subscribed events. Could have saved a lot of time had I looked here first :frowning:

Yep, same here, subscribed events seem to be broken.

same here…
jja jeung nan da

@ady624. Just making you aware if you don’t know about this yet. Is there anything you can do to help?

same here, so smart lighting app works but lighting director does not…??? all my devices are responding fine. So is this limited to third party apps?

In addition to all of that, I can no longer control the individual outlets on my Aeon SmartStrip (by automation or manual control in the ST app). Only the master on/off seems to be working.

Edit: Looks like the Virtual/Physical Switch Sync app can no longer control the virtual devices that are associated with my SmartStrip.

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gee i wonder what unpublished change ST put in last night

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How come we haven’t had any reports from SmartThings yet? Their silence is deafening… :frowning:

SmartThings status = everything operational!


Webcore piston subscribing to a humidity event didn’t work, but a routine subscribing to a motion event did.

makes me want to migrate back to Hubitat

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