Webcore pistons not firing

I have posted on the Webcore forum but it seems I am just talking to myself over there and the suggestion I did receive didn’t work.

Yesterday, all my Webcore pistons stopped working. Even the most basic ones (to simply turn on a light–I created brand new to test) wouldn’t work. I reached out on the Webcore forum and the suggestion I got was to go into the ST app, SmartApps, Webcore, Settings, and Clean up and rebuild data cache. I did that, a few times, rebooted a few times and some of my pistons started working (maybe just one or two–ones tied to a button).

Today, same thing. I actually went ahead and powered down every network device (modem, router, hue hub, ST hub) for a few minutes but that made no difference at all.

Does anybody have any idea why this is happening? These pistons have been in place for months and I’ve had no issues until yesterday. I can’t tell where the issue is (ST or Webcore); I go to a piston in Webcore and I execute them manually they look as though they run (open up a webpage with “OK”) but with full logging I can see nothing at all gets logged and it’s as if the piston doesn’t fire and nothing happens. If I “Test” the piston, then the piston runs and logs the activity and it does what it should in ST. This is happening with the majority of my pistons now.


There was a brief outage a few days ago where WebCore was unable to receive events from devices which made it appear that WebCore was down. After several hours the issue had cleared but my experience was hit and miss on pistons firing for about a day after corrections were made. For me everything cleared up a few days ago and all appears to be normal. While I cannot confirm it, I do believe the cause was on the SmartThings side and not with WebCore itself. Sorry I can’t offer you a solution other than to offer you information.

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I ended up experimenting, deleted one piston and restored it from backup and it worked. So, I did the same thing with the rest and all is workimg again. About 80% of my pistons were affected so it took hours but…

My issue actually started Friday, I thought Saturday but thought back. Hopefully, this is the end of it.

I started experiencing it today, after a hub reboot. The pistons do not fire anymore, but I am also unable to turn on / off devices manually so the issue seems to be coming from ST. Any ideas how to fix it?