5-30-18 / 6:18pm ----- Smarthings Down Again?

Mobile app generating errors and not able to control zwave or zigbee devices through apps or directly.

Status shows all good.

Same here, online API is also down for me. i have no access to my smartthings.

Status page should be updated soon.

Active investigation is ongoing.

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TY. I am in the process of moving everything I can from webcore to smart lighting and all of a sudden nothing was working.

why the move?

okay the mobile app is back up for me

I still can’t get to the IDE. None of my webCore pistons ran today either.

Is this a different problem than the one reported this morning with subscribed events?

ST, even webCoRE, was working until at least 3:00 for me. Got home about 5:00, and my I’m Back Routine didn’t fire. Local SmartLighting is working, though, thankfully. That’s why folks are trying to move some stuff back from webCoRE, @joelde . It’s why I did, at least. Pistons fire faster and work when there’s a platform issue if they’re local…

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ah i read it the reverse - the move was from webcore to ST lighting

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@JDRoberts, this morning, just webCoRE wasn’t working, but all my routines ran just fine. Now, SHM and routines aren’t responding. Though, oddly, my minimote that turns on my LIFX bulbs did work… (minimote turns on virtual switch and two mirror behavior smartlighting apps turn on a local switch and the LIFX bulbs respectively)

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Some North American users may be experiencing intermittent issues loading and controlling devices in the new and Classic SmartThings apps as well as the developer portal. Our team is investigating and we will provide updates as they are available.
Posted less than a minute ago. May 30, 2018 - 18:38 EDT

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Subscribed events failed for me this AM, and it appears we have symmetry on the day.

All automation down where I am and can’t get into IDE. App loaded and can control devices manually.

My webCore pistons seem to be running again.

In preparation of moving to V3 (when released) or maybe even V2 so I can have local processing. Surprisingly, it hasn’t been that difficult. I’ve moved close to 20 already. The automations are not as “clean” as they were in webcore, and I’ve had to use a few more virtually switches, but I’m down to my last 5 lighting rules. These I’m going to have to really think about. Lots of restrictions and a 5 minute delay I’m not sure how to duplicate yet.


Well, I just got an email saying the problem is resolved but, a bunch of my devices are still showing as unavailable.

All I know it 50 of my 100+ devices say they are unavailable - the red health star of death.