WebCore Events failing today (13 July 2020)

Has anyone noticed odd behavior with ST virtual momentary’s and WebCore today?
2 so far don’t trigger pistons anymore.
They all seem to have the proper events in the IDE but don’t all make it to WebCore.
I noticed this morning when the bathroom motion didn’t change the house to morning mode; all the events are there but the piston log is empty.
Wondering if the DTH is now non-functional as it is 3rd party?
PS Thanks for the date edit @JDRoberts

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Which DTH are you using?

An old one someone made from the 2015 ST code (dfloyd). The only difference is it defaults to ON.
The strange bit is I use it in 4 other places and I have tested some of the other pistons and they get the events but the Morning Momemtary get no event in WebCore but logs fine in the IDE.
Always a fun day with ST, keeps the brain active. :slight_smile:

Update: Seems to be worse as the day goes on. Discovered that 2 presence sensors are fine in ST but neither piston received events, same with a bathroom light, motion but never get the event in the piston, front door lock failing to lock after 10 minutes.
I have never had WebCore act up , I’ll try a hub reboot.

Reboot no difference.
Two more lights don’t work, events in ST but the pistons get nothing. Weird one.

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I’ve had this issue occasionally. To fix, I either go into the webCoRE App in ST and change something (add/remove/etc.), save and go back in and revert and save.

If that doesn’t work, I restore the Piston from backup.

Tried adding some actuators and rebuilding cache, things got worse.
Most of my pistons are dead now.
I do remember one odditiy. Last night I had a on-the-limit presence sensor opening the front door some unGodly 5 AMish. I went into the WebCore app to pause the piston but mistakenly hit the on/off toggle first on the App page. What does this switch do? I just assumed it paused the particular app and restarted it again.
Maybe this magical switch is what screwed me?

Ok, here’s the solution.
I backed up all of my pistons, restore each one and deleted the existing. I have done 6 so far and the funtionality returns for each one. Wheeeew!
I hope this little bug isn’t related to that App list switch.

I assume you did try pausing and resuming pistons, or editing and saving? It does rather sound like they dropped their subscriptions to events.

Did you notice whether the IDE or Classic app still reported the devices in use by the pistons? That is based on whether webCoRE is subscribing to the devices (indeed it fakes subscriptions).

Yes. I didn’t notice if the pistons had disappeared from the IDE list but now that I have restored them all it’s too late for a little forensic work :frowning:
Just soooooo happy there is a backup and restore in WebCore. The app so insanely well thought out for a free product; brilliant guy.

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