All devices show "Connected" instead of their state in the mobile app (Android)

Is anyone having their devices show as "“Connected” vs their state (on,off, open, close, etc.)? Every device for me shows up like that. The Favorites is also not right. It says I have more devices offline than what the advanced web app and api+ tool show, as well as devices with low battery that is also not in sync with the advanced web app and api+ tool.

I can open any device and control it, as well as see the correct states, it’s just the tiles that aren’t right.


I thought i did something when I deleted my hue lamps since i now connect when the nice community edge hue driver.

I guess there is a cloud issue on the app since I can control from the web api?

I even Uninstalled the smartthings android app. To reinstall, took like 20mins to find devices. Still not controllable. Favs are to redo. One scene or 2 works.

Yes, seeing the same “connected” status. I also removed and re-added a glitchy device (mfr code 0000-000!?), and it took ages for it to update in the app, though I could see it right away in Alexa and the Advanced page. Everything is slow and I get a blank screen when I try to add an action on a device’s button held routine. I suspect part of it is that everyone is spending their weekend trying to figure out what broke during custom DTH migrations this week, and they’re hammering the servers.

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Android app installed on phone does this. Reinstalled Android app on the tablet, cannot control anything for that one. Same location!

Thanks for the replies. I’m seeing some improvement but the Status Information bar is still wrong, as well as longer than usual delays in state updates for devices.

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Had the same issue today on an Android 13 phone. Within the last half hour the tiles have gone back to looking normal (on/off, open/closed) but they still don’t update. If you open the tile things are normal.

My.Smartthings was functional when the app wasn’t.


google home and sharptools work well.


All the same here. “Connected” status has cleared but it still took a long time for a new LAN driver device to show up and become usable after many attempts to add it, and this after just slow to updated in the app. Routines still can’t be edited. Viewing and commands are quick in my.smartthings but of course you’re limited in what you can do from there.

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Having a similar issue. All of my devices are showing “grayed out,” as seen below:

All devices are unresponsive in the app. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled, as above user noted, it took forever to load devices when I attempted this.

As another user noted above, my.smartthings is functional and responsive.

My devices work fine if I open the device but the tiles do not reflect the status or change the status.Has anyone contacted support? Alexa control is normal…

Okay, update on my status:
It looks like everything is back online, and working EXCEPT my Hue Zigbee devices. Note: I have a number of other zigbee devices, including motion sensors, switches, and blinds which are functional, so it’s not a mass loss of zigbee functionality as others seem to have noted in other threads.

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It’s magic!! Everything seems to be working normally now.
EDIT - spoke too soon. Back to screwed up :frowning:


Looking much better for me. I was finally able to clean up some routines and virtual devices I started trying to work on this afternoon…

Everything seems to be back to normal for me.

I’m almost back to normal. I noticed this morning that one of my routines that I edited a couple weeks ago to remove a device all of a sudden included that removed device again. It ran fine all this time. I had to go back and re-edit the routine and remove the device again. Very weird.

I had to reboot the hub today to bring things back online. This is after a couple firmware updates have changed/deleted virtual switches a couple days ago, and deleted drivers yesterday. Weak…

Happened to me as well, since Saturday, exactly as others here have described. That issue in the app has resolved, but now, all of my devices take about 4-7 minutes to execute any on/off switch commands (a little faster if run from an automation or SharpTools). Status updates and sensors are still working fine and instant though. It’s odd. Put in a ticket to ST Support. Anyone else having that kind of delay? I rebooted the hub and ran a network repair 3 times. No change.

it’s back!
have your visa or mc ready… operators are standing by!

App does not report right status while api or web page does. had the same issue yesterday, but it realigned itself later at night.
Do have to say that it does show a status, but the tile is not showing same status as going inside the tile.

I had the same problem.

Rebooting my modem, WiFi routers, hub didn’t solve my problem.

I had to re-pair all my affected devices. I managed to isolate the issue to a particular driver, ZigBee Thing Edge driver. The newly paired devices using other ZigBee drivers e.g ZigBee Switch, @veonua drivers were unaffected.

I reached out to ST support for in-app help as well as by email. They didn’t solve the problem for me.

I had to switch out to other drivers to make my devices work again. Most of my them are Aqara products and so the drivers from @veonua worked for me. Once again, Andrew your drivers make my home smart again!

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Zigbee thing is a generic name given to a device if no better match can be found on your system during the transition period