Connected Devices Showing Offline in Smartthings APP on phone


I have 12 or so smart bulbs, switches etc… in my home.
They all show-up in the smartthings app on my phone but more than half of them show that little cloud icon with a line through it (meaning offline). As an example I have 4 same model WIZ, and only 1 out of the 4 show offline so I can’t turn it off or on through smartthings but am able to control all 4 of them through the native WIZ app. Funny thing, I can create automations that can trigger any of the 4 bulbs even the one that shows as offline in the smartthings app.

However, through the Smarthings IDE, i see all my devices as online. I’ve tried clearing my app cache and data on the phone. Also deleted and reinstalled the app. I’ve been using the app with the automations working for a couple years now without problems. Its only recently that I am seeing these issues.

Anyone else resolved or are seeing similar problems?