Device status not updating properly

I have 2 hubs in different locations and I have always been able to monitor the status of each. However today i updated to 2.3.0 of the android mobile app and now if I look at the status of devices at location 1, they don’t update. For example, if I am in the “Right Now” page of the app and all the door sensors are closed, when I open a door the status never shows as open in the app. In order to get it to change, I have to click on something else, like “Dashboard” or “My home”, and then I can see a change. When I go back to “Right Now” it then shows the door as “Open”, but guess what. If I close the door it then still shows as open until I do the whole click on another page and back routine. I believe this is only happens for one of the 2 locations. I will check the other location later today

Not to drudge up an old post, but I’m having this same issue as of 1/1/18 on the latest version of the Android app, and it’s been going on for at least a few months for me. I have to go to the device page or switch views to get updated device status when something happens.

I lost connection with several Cree and GE link bulbs. As of 12/31. Can only get half to connect again. Mainly Cree bulbs are not. These are the best of the bulbs I have. Never had any problems. Now no mater how many times I reset. I cannot get them back online. I have rest my hub as well.

I’m seeing this as of today as well - can’t figure out why it suddenly started. Lights will show as ON when they are OFF, though I can toggle them on and off from the app (must turn it “OFF” which does nothing to the actual light first, then ON, which turns it on) - door and window sensors perpetually show the opposite of their actual state, my August locks fail to report their status back, motion sensors perpetually show “motion” when there is none.

Just started in the middle of the night last night. I have tried rebooting the hub, doing a z-wave repair; nothing has helped.

What the heck is going on here?

Something is up. My devices have also been acting up for the last 13 hours. It would be great for someone from smartthings to chime in.

Agreed - and mine is pretty much 12-13 hours symptomatic as well. So if we are willing to extrapolate a trend from 2 data points (not statistically wise, but going with what we have here) there is something more global happening.

Interestingly enough, if I sit here and watch the iOS app as well as the Live Logging feed on the API site, I can see that the devices are fluctuating between reporting correctly and not. A light will show on one moment and off the next, without any actual changes happening in meatspace.


Cheers, how have I never known about that before? Every other API driven service has something similar and yet I never thought to look. Thanks :slight_smile:


So I felt better after finding that status dashboard linked above, except it’s been nearly 12 hours and there has been no update or improvement to the symptoms. Further, the outage is classified as Platform but indicates there may be problems exerting device control. Yet the Device Control Service shows as operational, leading me to consider that status report to be suspect.

As of now, I still have nearly a dozen devices reporting incorrect status for no evident reason nearly 24 hours after I first observed the issue.

I realized this was the problem of my 2 sensors keeping open position this morning but again… I am so used to malfunctioning sensors when they reach low battery that I changed the batteries for these 2 and reset them for nothing hahaha

So +2 batteries for the 18 months of SmarthThings usage from cell coin batteries view :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been seeing this consistently as an issue (in Action Tiles and in the Android App) for the last several weeks.

Strangely, it is only (for me) on Z-wave Bulbs. GE Z-wave switches and other Z-wave devices seem to report status correctly.

I’ll try doing another Z-wave repair, but that didn’t work last time either.