New app v1.7.38-21 for Android sync issues with devices between the Dashboard vs. Rooms (or as individual tiles)?

Ever since I got the latest and greatest release, I’ve noticed that my device tiles on the Dashboard are not correct in terms of their state (on/off/etc), but they are correct when I see them in a Room or individually. Anyone seeing this? Here are some screen shots:

Do you mean the room or the device page?

I just added a few new images. The Room and device pages are correct, but the Dashboard isn’t. In fact, it looks like it hasn’t refreshed in several hours.

I hadn’t noticed that John but, I haven’t really looked for it either. I’ll watch closer and see what it shows for me.

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I went ahead and submitted a support ticket just in case, and I included a link to this discussion since I already included pics here. The new app has been working a lot better for me, but I’m not ready to switch until some of the functionality I have in Classic makes it over, which are pretty much custom SHM rules.

It looks like my tiles haven’t updated since late yesterday in the Dashboard, so I force closed the app and restarted the phone and that seems to have helped. I’ll keep an eye on it through the evening and see how things look in the morning.

You can clear the cache too but don’t delete the data unless you want to set all your app customizations up again.

Overall I’m waiting for the same, custom DTH and apps. I also would like native keypad support for STHM too.

I haven’t noticed that individual devices are out of sync, but I have a group that does that.


I just noticed the “out of sync” issue with my Honeywell thermostat. My lights and switches seem to be ok though. The dashboard updated the switches and lights as soon as I loaded the app. The Honeywell dashboard was not updated until I opened the Honeywell device though. When I went back to the dashboard the temp was then correct. I’ll take screenshots next time and submit a ticket.

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Well, I submitted the ticket and received the response I expected, uninstall/reinstall the app. Not a big enough issue for me to have to set everything up again.

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