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SmartThings Hub Vanished

(Mark Olbert) #1

I’m still using the Classic app (never been notified to upgrade; no idea why it’s taking Samsung so long to do its thing, but it makes me wonder if they’re abandoning the product).

This morning I discovered there were no devices shown in the app. When I tried to add one, I was told no hub had been configured…which is weird, since I’ve been using this #!$#!^)&)( app for a couple of years now.

When I tried to add the hub the welcome code was rejected. The “helpful” hints suggested I reset the hub…which I’m leery about doing, as it sounds like I may have to add every single bloody Z Wave device in my house back into the app.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and found a less risky workaround?

BTW, I also have the Classic app installed on my iPad, and >>it<< can see the hub and all my devices just fine. So I have no idea what happened to the app on my iPhone.

  • Mark


This can happen when you were upgraded to a Samsung account ID, which is a different thing than using the new app, although you need the new ID to use the new app so they often happen at the same time.

See the following FAQ ( The topic title is a clickable link)