Alexa SmartThings Skill not finding new relay

I just installed this monoprice relay that works with my SmartThings hub and iOS app. I have it all hooked with the info from the forums so that I can control each relay individually with the SmartThings app.

But Alexa can’t find it during discovery. It sees the other devices I have in the home but not the new relay.

Is there something else i can do or debug? The other SmartDimmer does say ‘Works with Alexa’ – but isn’t everything that works with SmartThings supposed to work with Alexa/SmartThings skill ?

Remember when you first connected Alexa to smart things, it made you log in to smart things and authorize all the devices you allowed to talk to Alexa with little check boxes. You’ll have to do that again to get the new item to be discoverable. There may be a better way now, but I used to just disconnect smartthings skill from alexa, then pick the skill again and it would make me log in again and do the check box thing.

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Go to the SmartThing app, hamburger menu, Smart Apps, open the Amazon Echo app, select your switch in the My Switches input, save and then redo discovery. That should do it…

ah ha. thanks keith, ady624. the relay is now found in alexa.

i’m not sure if this is for a new thread – but ill keep it here for now: the relay is in alexa, but the two switches listed under the relay are not.

here’s a picture of the main smartthings screen and then the screen that comes up when i click the Zwave multichannel smartthing but here is what i see when i load the amazon devices. turning on or off the Z-wave controller does nothing. NB: the “Lights” has something to do with the multichannel switch and has to be “on” or the whole relay doesnt work.

I tried creating simulated switches that i was thinking i could hook directly to the inside switches but i didn’t see how that would work. Is that the right path – to make main-menu switches that are a link to the sub-relay switches – and then give amazon permission to access those? No idea if it even works that way –

Thanks for both your replies. its got me in the right direction!

EDIT: reading this now

EDIT3: okay, stuck now. no idea what he’s talking about even in 2a. still looking.