New Alexa discovery doesn't show on smartthings

I have Alexa connected with smartthings and it works fine. If I discover a new switch or sensor it appears on Alexa by saying discover new devices.
But my problem is the other way around: When I add a new switch to Alexa, It doesn’t show up on smartthings. How can I discover new alexa things?

You can’t. Devices connected directly to Alexa don’t show up in ST through the ST/Alexa Connected Service.


Really?? :frowning:


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:weary: :cry:

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What devices are you trying to connect?

You can’t do this, but why would you want to anyway? The more you decentralize your environment, the harder it’s going to be to keep track of what’s doing what… Which in turn will make diagnosing problems infinitely more difficult.

I am programming everything with Home Assistant (using a bunch of tasmota switches) which can see all smartthings things. But recently I bought an rgb led controller which is only compatible with Alexa and wanted to add it to my touch interactive floor plan (running in home assistant)

I suppose I’ll have to take the long run and connect home assistant to Alexa directly. I was avoiding this option cause it needs lots of tweaking. But I guess its a good way to stay home this weekend lol

You might have a problem with that. Alexa’s connections for any platform AFAIK is one way only. They aggregate only and don’t share out device stats so I believe HA will also have the same limitations…