Alexa Integration with SmartThings Broken?

I noticed a few days ago that Alexa stopped controlling my SmartThings switches. When I would give my “turn out the lights” command, the hue bulbs all went out but the SmartThings switches stayed on. I finally took a closer look today, and all of my SmartThings devices in the Alexa app show “Device is unresponsive.” If I try to turn on or off a SmartThings device from the Alexa app, it briefly shows “Waiting for SmartThings” and then nothing happens. Voice control doesn’t work either for the SmartThings devices. I tried forgetting and re-adding all devices in the Alexa app, uninstalling and reinstalling the Alexa app, and deleting and re-adding the Alexa integration from the SmartThings app. The SmartThings hub is online, and all device control works from the SmartThings app. Anyone else having these issues or know how I might go about fixing them?

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Thank you for that info–I don’t know how I missed those other threads.