Curious about 3-way switch and disconnected device

Picture two dumb 3-way switches, a Sylvania smart bulb inbetween and a SmartThings motion sensor stuck on the wall.

The setup works perfectly with motion detected turning on/off the bulb. The app shows the bulb as disconnected. Alexa says to fix the bulb as it’s not working. Yet, it works… I’m not complaining, just curious for a simple answer from you smart people. -Thanks.

This question is now getting asked two Or three times a day. Many different kinds of devices can be involved. . The answer is just that it’s happening. :scream: Probably because smartthings is not getting back to Alexa quickly enough, so smartthings is performing the action, but Alexa doesn’t know that it did. You can report it to support at both companies, it’s definitely annoying.

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Thank you for your reply.

I looked and looked, but unless the right words trigger the search, nothing relevant shows.

Lots of good information here for me to chew on.

Thanks again.

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