Aeotec smart hub not connecting

Hello everyone,

My name is Maurice and I am new to this community and SmartThings. Today I received my Aeotec SmartThings hub and I followed all the steps to connect the hub to the SmartThings app. It must have gone correctly because it updated and finally shows a solid green light (which indicates connected). When I open the app I see the hub but as “offline.” I have tried to reset the hub did the whole process several times and tried both connection through wifi and ethernet but always same situation with solid green light and offline. I have also restarted my router and still no success. What am I doing wrong? Did I miss something?

Thanks in advance for your help.

login to IDE @ and go to the hubs section and see if the hub is showing online there. report back :slight_smile:

The hub shows as online

yes, there appears to be an issue with the app. it is showing offline for new devices and hubs being added since yesterday

Yes I just saw your post. Thanks for that. I will just have to be patient I guess.

It’s not just you. This has now been posted to the status page as well.