Aeotec smart hub not connecting

Hello everyone,

My name is Maurice and I am new to this community and SmartThings. Today I received my Aeotec SmartThings hub and I followed all the steps to connect the hub to the SmartThings app. It must have gone correctly because it updated and finally shows a solid green light (which indicates connected). When I open the app I see the hub but as “offline.” I have tried to reset the hub did the whole process several times and tried both connection through wifi and ethernet but always same situation with solid green light and offline. I have also restarted my router and still no success. What am I doing wrong? Did I miss something?

Thanks in advance for your help.

login to IDE @ and go to the hubs section and see if the hub is showing online there. report back :slight_smile:

The hub shows as online

yes, there appears to be an issue with the app. it is showing offline for new devices and hubs being added since yesterday

Yes I just saw your post. Thanks for that. I will just have to be patient I guess.

It’s not just you. This has now been posted to the status page as well.

I’m curious if Anyone still has the offline problem. My new Aeotec persists in reading “offline” in the app. I’ve tried everything.

When I first set it up it was online, but it absolutely wouldn’t discover any of my Cree bulbs, each of which I dutifully reset.

So I rebooted the hub and now I can’t even get it to show that it’s online.

I see that the powers say the offline issue has been resolved, but not for me. :blush:


I have the same issues is there a way to resolve this