Hub is Offline as of 10 Minutes Ago (5 March 2024)

My Smarthings v3/2018 Hub went offline 10 minutes ago. Cycling the power on it results in the following sequence -

  1. Red status light
  2. Flashing blue status lights
  3. Quick flash blue status lights.
  4. Steady blue status light.
    The light does not turn green. I have checked the Smartthings status page and everything indicates operational. Replaced Ethernet cable as well and Internet is working fine. Any ideas on how to resolve this?


Same here (northern California) so it’s not just you!

Yup, NorCal here too.

I’m experiencing somewhat similar issues, some of my devices have been going offline randomly and then come back online completely randomly for the past half an hour. Rebooting the hub (also Aeotec v3 hub) twice did not resolve the issue.

I removed one of the devices (a matter Eve Energy plug) and set it up from scratch, the setup worked flawlessly but now it still shows up as offline which makes no sense. I’m in Europe by the way, not sure if this is related to the issue you’re facing, wanted to share it nonetheless

It’ll be great if the Status page is updated or someone from Smartthings Support can enlighten us. PLEASE!!

At least for me, the issue seems to have been resolved, everything has been looking normal for the past 10 minutes

@David2275, how about for you. Is the issue still persisting? It is for me.

@kingsfan Yes, still out here. Samsung account is also not connecting…

Thanks for confirming. Samsung’s AWS connection must be acting up. It’s unfortunate the Smartthings users need to be the monitoring engine for their services and Smartthings support is still silent on their status page. Urghhh!!

This forum was set up a number of years ago so that SmartThings customers could help other customers with ideas. It’s not an official support channel and it’s not monitored by SmartThings staff, except for moderation duties like controlling spam and harassment. (And a small section specifically for developers.)

To reach SmartThings support either use the link within the SmartThings app or try the following page.

However, Samsung has been revising its support channels since the start of the year and it seems like there’s a lot of glitches, so it’s all pretty annoying. If you can’t reach anybody, any other way, you can try the public facing channels like Facebook or Twitter/X and ask them how to get in touch with support now.

Also, historically the status page has rarely been updated until a solution was found. And not always then. :man_shrugging:t2:

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For what it’s worth, I’m also in Northern California and our station hub has been fine and I have no trouble getting into my Samsung account at the link you posted. But mine is quite an old account, set up in 2014, so we may be on different AWS shards. :thinking:

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I do understand that. I think we can agree that the point of a Status page is to provide current status :grinning: Why even have it up if it does not fulfil a basic function? :thinking:

If Samsung strives to show leadership in Home Automation, this lack of awareness of their Service Objective is getting in the way.

BTW, My Smartthings account dates to 2017.

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Same here, all four (V2 and Station) of my SmartThings Hubs also offline in California. So are all of my Alexa devices.

Could this be the issue?

From AWS live status. Problems and outages for Amazon Web Services | Downdetector


It’s wonky for sure, probably related to all the general site outages all over the place today.

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Atleast 18 other users are having similar issues :slight_smile:

AWS sure seems like s good bet since not only are my Alexa devices offline, but so are my Fire TV devices. Hulu is offline too, and I haven’t checked other streaming services. Wow, it’s a big outage somewhere.

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And Smartthings as back up for me now. Fingers (and toes) crossed…

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Things are coming back online for me now too.

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From Service health - Mar 05, 2024 | AWS Health Dashboard | Global (