Aeotec Smart Home Hub/2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.52.21

We will begin rolling out Samsung SmartThings Hub firmware version 0.52.21 starting Wednesday, April 3rd. Once downloaded, your Hub will briefly go offline as it reboots and applies the update; most customers will experience less than one minute of downtime. We will update the status page when the release is complete.

Hub Target:

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2015 (Hub v2)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2018 (Hub v3)
  • Aeotec Smart Home Hub

Release Date: 3 April 2024 ~ 11 April 2024

Note that this release will be spread out over two weeks, so you may not see your Hub update on the first day of the release period.

Release Notes

  • Fix to Z-Wave archival to address an issue that impacted hub backup attempts and left the hub unable to be used in the hub replace process.
  • Fixed a rare case where Hubs would lose their Z-Wave functionality and not recover unless rebooted.

I’m so glad to hear about this update. I tried everything after the last patch and finally had to just shut my hub down for 30 minutes and then restart it. I guess I could’ve waited last time but I have things to clean up.

Please ad the ability to control what devices use a zwave extender… i have a yale zwave lock that is on the opposite side of the house that constantly goes offline. So i put a zwave extender in the middle, and it hasnt changed the reliability at all. But i cant even tell if its connecting to the extender or just trying to go direct instead.

That’s not how zwave works per the independent third-party standard, so there isn’t really anything smartthings can do about it. The devices decide for themselves what their best route to the hub will be, using a lot of information that is not available to us.

The one thing you can do is to run a “Z wave repair utility“ when you add a new device. That will force your devices to reevaluate all their neighbors and choose the best route based on what’s available.

All of that said, it’s really important to understand that zwave is not like Wi-Fi: the so-called “range extenders“ don’t really do anything different than any other Mains powered Z Wave device would do in the same physical location, like a light switch or a smart plug. They were important back in the third or fourth generation of zwave, but now that SmartThings is into generation five and most other Z wave hubs are in generation seven or eight, you just don’t need the single use extenders anymore. However, if you don’t happen to have any other mains powered Z wave devices nearby, that can be helpful.

With locks, though, the most important thing is that you have a mains powered device that supports “beaming“ within about 15 feet of the lock. This will act as a kind of answering service for the battery powered lock and help make sure it gets its messages to and from the hub most efficiently.

See the following thread for details

FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?

Your Z wave extender itself probably does support beaming, so it may be that the best thing is just to move it close to the lock if you don’t have any other mains powered zwave devices nearby.

After you’ve moved it physically to its new location, you either need to wait a couple of days for the lock to figure out the new neighbor, or go ahead and run the Z wave repair.

It’s definitely frustrating that smartthings doesn’t give us the kind of network mapping utilities that most Z wave hubs do, but they just don’t. So we are kind of operating blind here, and just have to try some trial and error.

If you haven’t read it before, you might want to take a quick look at the wireless range and repeaters FAQ, as that can be helpful. Zwave and Zigbee are mesh protocols, very low power, which is useful because it lets us have a lot of battery powered devices that just wouldn’t be practical if they used Wi-Fi, but a mesh network does work differently than Wi-Fi does, and it can take a little getting used to.

Start out by reading post 11 in the following FAQ (I will link directly to that post), then go up to the top of the thread and read down from the top, and you should learn most of what you need to know to build an efficient Z wave network.

A Guide to Wireless Range & Repeaters - #11 by JDRoberts


Thanks JDRoberts. I didn’t know about the repeater info. 1 question, how does Thread get repaired, its also a mesh network.
Also with the new smartthings software, I found the hub commands to repair z-wave but when I run it, I get the ‘Repair Started’ but I don’t get the ‘Repair Complete’ message like the old software. Where do I see it?

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Thread should be self-repairing. It is much more dynamic than the older mesh protocols, and you shouldn’t run into the same kind of “lack of knowledge” issues as the others. (Z wave has also gotten better at self repairing in the newer generations, but it can still take a couple of days to get everything sorted. Thread does it much faster.)

I found the hub commands to repair z-wave but when I run it, I get the ‘Repair Started’ but I don’t get the ‘Repair Complete’ message like the old software. Where do I see it?

I’ll have to leave that to other people to discuss, I can’t really use the SmartThings app now as it is not voice navigation friendly, and I haven’t kept up with the details.


I found the hub commands to repair z-wave but when I run it, I get the ‘Repair Started’ but I don’t get the ‘Repair Complete’ message like the old software. Where do I see it?

Answered my own question. Z=-wave repair responses appear to be only in the phone app, not on my Windows computer app.


Hopefully this update will fix some of the wifi bandwidth issues that came with the previous update. Getting to thr point where I have to look at investing into new hub/wifi hardware.

Are there somewhere more details regarding z-wave functionality affected?

Have two new shelly qubino wave 1PM switches, that started to behave strange after [0.52.11], those are also repeaters since they on constant power.

Is someone experiencing issue with in-wall z-wave switches going offline frequently after last update?

Still waiting. Need to keep open.

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Same… i find it interesting that they always say the rollout is in the span of about 7 or 8 days and yet i always seem to get it on the last day… i wish i could just get the dang update myself lol

I have two hubs. Only one has gotten it so far–just hang in there! :yum:


I got the update this afternoon and every single z wave device is now offline. I’m running a repair and, if that doesn’t correct it, I’ll try a reboot. I hope this is only a minor issue since as of now, all my nighttime lighting automations are non-functional

A reboot after unplugging for 30 minutes followed by a network repair and things are starting to work again. After rebooting the z wave radio began functioning again and everything is just taking it’s own time to settle back into the z wave network


Guess I’m stuck on 52.11

how do i delete messages?

delete messages… what are you referring to exactly?

if you are referring to your single post… tap on the 3 dots and select the trash can.

Now, after I`ve got the 0.52.21, other z-wave devices are offline (aeotec nano switches). What is going on?

Just an observation:
The last 2 firmware updates (v2 hub) have caused at least one of my SmartThings branded multipurpose sensors to freak out and report open/closed multiple times a minute. Rebooting the hub seems to “fix it”. I’m always afraid to do that as I’m never sure if the firmware update has completed or not.
It sure is annoying as I have an Alexa routine notify me whenever this sensor goes into an open state at night since it’s on my chicken coop door. I verified the door was not moving via camera while this occurs.
I’ve been using the Zigbee Contact Mc driver to help with the large battery drain I was seeing with the stock driver.

Same here with aeotec water sensors after update.