Aeotec Smart Home Hub/2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Hotfix Notes - 0.46.10

We will begin rolling out Samsung SmartThings Hub firmware version 0.46.10 starting Monday, February 13. Once downloaded, your Hub will briefly go offline as it reboots and applies the update; most customers will experience less than one minute of downtime. We will update the status page when the release is complete.

Hub Target:

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2015 (Hub v2)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2018 (Hub v3)
  • Aeotec Smart Home Hub

Release Date: 13 February 2023~ 17 February 2023

Note that this release may be spread out over a week, so you may not see your Hub update the first day of the release period.

Release Notes


  • Increased driver memory limits by 5 MB
  • Upgrade the Zigbee and Thread stacks
    • Fix an issue preventing Juno Connect Zigbee lights from successfully onboarding

What is wrong with the weekend…

I would be against this. Less support available if something goes awry.

I am getting really annoyed at the flakiness of Smartthings now. Today I had a local routine that changes light color if the weather is freezing outside, yet no warning so I was late for a meeting. And other issues too. ST clearly does not have a clue what they are doing.

This isn’t possible since the weather has to come from the cloud


Did this rollout also send 46.8 to the SmartThings Station? Mine updated from 45.11 to 46.8 about 13 hours ago.

I got 46.8, but thought I was going crazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Maybe a two stage deployment?

Literally and….well you know.

It’s not impossible If you have a local weather station and you make it look like a local thermostat, but it’s tricky.

It’s not possible with the official weather feature for the reason you mention. :sunglasses:

Since this update on my V2 all my Fibaro switches have frozen & a z-wave network repair doesn’t fix it, neither did a Hub reboot help. How to resolve this asap?

(update 00:41) → Looks like we are not the only ones:

Please fix asap.

Same here, got the update and nothing works any more. Reboots and z-wave repairs don’t work.


Same here, none of my lights / automations work with Z Wave Devices.

SmartThings was rock solid for 5 years, so many issues in the last 9 months.


Same here! Always very happy, now all confidence is gone. What would be the best replacement for the Aeotec Hub to prevent this? Have you done the research already? If they don’t fix fast, we’ll need to replace soon.

Make sure you also report the problems to support. The more people who report it, the more likely they are to assign resources to fixing it.


All Z-Wave devices are not working. Tried restarting the hub and repairing the z-wave with no luck. Sat on hold for 15 minutes to be told that this was a planned upgrade but we were not notified. I checked my z-wave drivers and see that they were updated today. They obviously broke something with this update. They should offer a free years subscription.

Where do you find that outage graph?

Free subscription to what? There are no costs associated with smartthings after the initial hub purchase. The app and service are free already.

I’m not saying the outage isn’t totally annoying, as is the fact that they push out updates that we can neither defer nor deny. But there’s no subscription involved. :man_shrugging:t2:

I know, just trying to liven this up a bit. I was hoping that someone woukd catch it and comment back that it is free and we need to chill sometimes. :slight_smile:


I don’t think we need to chill just because it’s free, especially because you did pay for the hub.

It’s 00.30 here so I should go back to sleep :sleeping:

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