Aeotec Smart Home Hub/2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.50.10

I’m not seeing this. Android app? What kind of device?

I was not very clear indeed. If there will be options for transfering devices to another hub it could be implemented in the app. If you click on a dST evice you see the option now for changing room etc. .

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‘HUB REPLACE FEATURE’. So now I’m thinking that with this new Hub ‘REPLACE’’ feature that SmartThings might stop supporting these older hubs sometime in the near future. Say about a year or two perhaps???

Although, I was already considering getting the new Station Hub anyway since I only have one critical zwave device (a Siren) that I’d need to deal with. I think I read/heard somewhere that the Station Hub already allows moving and sharing devices between Station hubs. Maybe I heard it on the recent SmartThings keynote, don’t remember. Anyway, I haven’t got one yet because I’m still trying to find out more about the Station hub’s device sharing (if I read/heard it currently) to know if it allows local Routine execution or not with devices on various Station hubs (probably not I imagine).

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I can’t see the V3/Aeotec going anywhere in that timescale, and unless there is actually some fundamental limitation in the V2 hub that would make it impractical to continue on the same development cycle as the V3 I can’t see that going anywhere either. I would be feeling a bit exposed with one of the wi-fi hubs though.

Has anyone been able to try it? With the talk of ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ hubs I am wondering if the ‘primary’ will be doing all the local processing stuff with the ‘secondaries’ limited to the protocol handling.


I’m currently going through some of the Samsung Developers Conference session videos and found some information that was provided about this exciting new feature. Check it out at in the SmartThings and Matter session video between 13:15-14:15. They even show the screenshots of the SmartThings app hub replace workflow.


Will this upcoming release and the included bug fixes address the system-wide issues with lost events?



Hub Replace:

We will be providing more detailed information in a separate post tomorrow, but the linked SDC presentation covers the feature well. With Hub Replace, you can now move all your Hub Connected devices and the configurations, routines, and other network information from one Hub to another. Another key functionality for this feature also includes Hub Replace support for Offline hubs. The functionality will roll out to all our Hubs with the 0.50.X release, and all Hubs (with some restrictions that will be highlighted separately in a separate post) will support this functionality. But in a simplified view, you can now replace any V2/V3/ST Station with another V2/V3/ST Station Hub. Hub Replace will also work for Family Hub, TVs, and Samsung Connect Home/SmartThings WiFi hubs, but some restrictions hold that will be highlighted separately.

Regarding the Hub Replace functionality support for offline Hubs: This will ONLY work if the offline Hub has 0.50 or newer firmware.

Let us know what additional questions you have.


Will it be possible to create a backup file? The idea is to have an ability to restore hub content in case of failure. For example, moving from wired connection to wifi connection with ST hub V3 sometimes requires a hard reset which delete all edge drivers and devices.
Having a backup file will help to quickly restore the edge drives and devices…

  1. Zwave ?? Is it being deprecated from ST in the future ?
  2. Hub replace is great but what if a current hub uses zwave devices and new hardware does not have a zwave radio ?
  3. Are there plans to replace older hubs WITH Zwave with a newer (TBA) standalone hub that includes Zwave ?
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Then you have no z-wave… presumably the devices will not be transferred.

The slide in the earlier post suggests that the Z-Wave devices will remain offline.

Wow! great news!

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which looks like this


They’ve already said that if you are moving from a hub that has z wave to a hub that doesn’t, you just get a warning message that the zwave devices are not supported on the new hub.

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I hear and understand all the comments but what is most interesting is:
Is Zwave deprecated going forward from ST
Will there be a replacement hub that supports Zwave in the future

These things influence future device purchase options

Perhaps they should repurpose V2 hubs as matter bridges for Zigbee and Z-Wave devices.

I’m not sure where you are getting this from.

Probably from a recent statement from a Samsung executive, who was asked if there would be a version of the station with zwave, and he said, no, they were committing to matter and zigbee.

Details in the following thread:

SmartThings Head Jaeyeon Jung sheds light on challenges and platform evolution [Interview]


It looks like the upgrade to xx.9 has been cancelled, and now xx.10 is expected next week. I’m guessing that means the more detailed information about this exciting new replacement feature is delayed too?

Also, I’m looking for more information about the way the new Station Hubs work together in the sudo ‘mesh’ smart device network. Do Routines still run ‘local’ with smart devices connected to the various multiple Station hubs?