Aeotec Smart Home Hub/2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.50.10

YIKES… here’s hoping that my v2 and v3 Hubs don’t die and untimely death before upgrade to 0.50 :grin:

Is there link to said post (and/or can you update your post above to include it when it happens) ?

Like others have expressed so far, I’m very happy to learn that there will be a hub-replacement mechanism. I’ve been fortunate in that the transitions over the past couple of years have been very smooth for me. In fact, the reliability and functionality of SmartThings (in my experience) have clearly improved overall with few exceptions:

  1. I miss having an easy-to-implement mechanism to randomize lights when I’m away; and

  2. I worry about what will happen if / when my aging SmartThings WiFi hub stops working or stops being supported — I have many Zigbee and Z-wave devices, and routines, and starting over would not be a trivial task.

Of these two, my concern about the eventual need to replace my hub is, by far, the most significant. Accordingly, this is welcome news.

I do, however, hope that we’ll get more information sooner rather than later regarding what limitations will be in place for older hubs and an estimate for when we can expect a firmware update for the older hubs (such as the SmartThings WIFi) to get the hub-replacement functionality.


This would have been a nice feature to implement BEFORE the end of groovy support. The demise of groovy bricked all three of my WiFi hubs over a two month span. As each one was disabled in some way I had to individually add every device to a new hub and start over. Doing this 3-4 times was infuriating with zero help from Samsung support.

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One would think that the ST app will now need a button to initiate the transfer from one hub to another.

Perhaps it was the end of Groovy support that made the tool possible.


Well Smartthings needs to decide if it’s going to be Manually Run Routine or Automatic Routine. Also what kind of button need to be. Hopefully this tool will be available for v5 hub

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This is pure speculation, and from someone with little understanding of how either platform works from a programming perspective, but it seems very likely that the mechanisms needed for hub backup / replacement would be quite different pre and post Groovy.

I know that it was in the works a couple / few years ago, while Groovy was still going strong, but it was abandoned. I could imagine that was due to a resource shift associated with phasing out Groovy and the transition to Edge-based drivers. Now that the transition is complete, it makes sense that they’ve been able to come back to working on hub backup / replacement in the new environment, as it is, IMHO, a critical feature for heavy users.

Oddly, I recall reading posts in these forums saying that backup / replacement would not be possible now that so much runs locally with the Edge-based environment. I couldn’t understand the rationale for such statements, but I’m very glad that it appears as though they were wrong (assuming the hub backup / replacement features do indeed come to fruition).

Fingers crossed for Smartthings Wifi to be included! (I actually went ahead and ordered an Aeotech Smart Home Hub under the hope that this feature will indeed make it to my Smartthings Wifi hub…)

Just checking that I am understanding your post correctly,
You, Henry (joined Jan 2023) are saying that Graham (joined May 2018) has little understanding about how the SmartThings platforms (Groovy and Edge) work, and that your speculation is superior to his.
Did I get that right? I could be wrong.

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No – I’m sorry if it came off that way, but I was referring to myself.

I was trying to give a clear qualifier that the speculation I’m making is based upon a very limited understanding – on my part. I was trying to support what organgebucket said, albeit while trying to reconcile that I recall there being discussion about a backup / replacement feature in the works previously, but that it was pulled back. So, my speculation is that it is indeed possible within both platforms, yet so different in implementation that it wasn’t feasible to have something in place during the transition.

I see how the way I quoted orangebucket suggests that I was calling his post pure speculation, and I’m sorry for that, as it was absolutely not my intention… just sloppy writing.


It read OK to me and I considered it a supporting post. I had so little to back my comment up with that I decided to stick to a one liner for once. Had I not done so the general thrust of what I said would have been along the same lines as what you said. It just seems plausible that closing the door on the legacy platform has made it a lot easier to open new ones.


The one thing I would add to the discussion is that there was, very briefly, back a few years ago on the groovy platform a hub migration utility that only official support could run. But it was withdrawn after a few months.

At the time, there was also some talk by ST staff that if they offered a user-initiated backup/restore utility it would become possible for users to restore to a prior version that was no longer compatible with the current cloud, leaving the customer with an inoperable hub and no way of fixing it. This was considered unacceptable. :thinking:


Understood, and apologies, I was a bit quick off the mark.
We are all learning here.


I found my answers in another thread. The Station hubs apparently require the cloud for devices that are on separate Station hubs since the hubs do not communicate with each other on the local wifi network, shoot…

And to stay on topic, the current maintenance window is now near the end of it’s second day.

That’s how it was at the time that I wrote that post, but since then, Samsung has announced that they are going to have a new “multi hub“ feature, which will allow the hubs to communicate locally, including multiple station hubs. But I don’t know for sure if that means multi hub routines will be local or not. :man_shrugging:t2:

You will have to use a feature in the smart things app to set up a multi hub net work, so until you’ve done that, the old architecture applies.

Tagging @Automated_House in case he knows.


Does everyone’s hub show as offline?

if it has been offline for an extended period of time, you may want to consider power cycling it. check the color of the led light on the front of the hub first. if still offline, contact ST support.

Thank you. is going on 2 days. I have power cycled a number of times and nothing. Now blinking red/green Thank you for the reply!

color of the led light on hub? report your issue to ST support.

which hub? if v2, did you remove the batteries?

Aeotec purchased in 2022

Now slowly blinking blue