Aeotec smart energy switch not updating

I have a smart energy switch hooked up to my garage fridge, as I wanted to start tracking how much energy it’s using out there. Unfortunately, it appears to never really update unless I go into the device and manually hit the refresh button.

Here’s before I refreshed:

And after refreshing:

As you can see, there was no update between 5:31 PM yesterday, and when I hit the refresh at 9:10 AM today.

Any ideas? It doesn’t seem like a signal issue, as it should have problems refreshing manually too, wouldn’t it?

What device type are you using? I have mine set to Z-Wave Metering Switch and it is reporting back every 5 minutes.

The problem is not with the switch but with the device handler you’re using. This one works perfectly, and has user-configurable reporting interval. I use a modified version with v2 UI. Both mine and the original work great!

Nice. I didn’t see that one in my searches I think I will give it a try.