Aeon Metering Switch v2 - one device almost never automatically updating?

I’ve got ~5 of these Aeon Metering Switch v2 devices plugged in, and 4 of them are quite reliable about reporting the current power draw and the energy usage. However, 1 of them rarely, if ever, updates. I can go to the device in ST and hit refresh, and sometimes it will come back, but not reliably.

The problem device is in my garage, on the other side of the refrigerator (the fridge is plugged into this one). I don’t think it’s a positioning / LoS type issue, as I have a GE switch basically right on the other side of the wall from there, maybe 5 feet away. Also I had my outdoor christmas lights extension cord plugged in to the next outlet on the power strip all winter, and they had no problem turning on / off and reporting.

Any ideas why it’s not responding like my other devices?

Here’s the current state of the device, you can see it updated once 7 days ago, and then 3 times when I was impatient and mashing the refresh button yesterday morning.