Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch DSC06

I received the engineering spec from my friends at Aeotec, so I was able to write a functional device type for the Aeon Labs Z-Wave Smart Energy Switch . I know @bmmiller has already written a device type for this but included some preference that people might find useful.

  • This device type remains ACTIVE so no need to poll the device from a SmartApp to keep it reporting
  • You can disable the remote switch if you only care about energy monitoring
  • You can adjust the interval that device reports to the SmartThings hub
  • You can adjust in the preferences how the switch responds to the “Switch All” command
  • You can turn on/off the debugging for the device though the UI

I also commented all of the possible configuration values in the code if someone wants to subvert the device to their own will.



This is exciting! It will certainly perform better than what I cobbled together with zero documentation. Looking forward to giving this a try tomorrow. Thanks for your efforts!

Is it possible to use this to trigger events based on power consumption?

This device type exposes two attributes that you can use:

“power” - which is the current power consumption in watts (W)
“energy”- which is the total consumption of power in (kWh)

The “power” attribute could be used with a SmartApp like Laundry Monitor by @sudarkoff or Yet Another Power Monitor to trigger a push message, text, or something else when your washer or gas dryer is done.

The “energy” attribute could be used to monitor the cost of whatever is attached to the monitoring switch. If you had energy rates that vary by time of day, you could write an app that sends a message if a device is run during peak hours, or turns off the switch during peak hours and turns it back on when electricity is cheap.

Hope that helps.

Good work, any idea if this will work with the Aeon Labs DSC24-ZWUS Smart Switch Z-Wave Appliance Module?

UPDATE: Does not appear to behave properly. A shame because I too cannot really fire an event handler based on power with my DSC24-ZWUS, back to pollster I guess…

I do not know. It is possible but the trick is in the device specific configuration parameters of the device. I have notices some similarity in configuration parameters between the two Aeotec devices but they do not align completely.

I just purchased one of these, if I can get the specification, I could write a device type that makes it work in a day or two.

That would be amazing, I wish I had something to trade but your chops seem to be superior. :wink:

Thanks for this. I set one up today and it works pretty well. Although the device itself doesn’t appear to be repeating z-wave packets as I expected, but I need to look more into that.

For now, I like what you’ve done. Thank you again.

I’m not sure if it is just me and things appear to be working fine but the Activity Feed from within the app hasn’t updated since I switched to this device type. Switching on debugging and refreshing looks good in the IDE logs, and the apps associated with the devices appear to work but looking at the activity feed from the ST app is a nice sanity check for physical devices that are off most of the time.

Only the switch on/off events show up in the activity feed. It is the combination of the displayed and isStateChange flags that make the events show up.

You could modify the code to display the power events by changing the zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.commands.meterv3.MeterReport cmd) method.
Changing the this line
def map = [ name: electricNames[cmd.scale], unit: electricUnits[cmd.scale], displayed: false]
To this
def map = [ name: electricNames[cmd.scale], unit: electricUnits[cmd.scale], displayed: true]
Might work (emphasis on might)

If it does, maybe I could put a preference in to turn that on and off.

Check out the latest code from GitHub, there are some minor improvements

Nice, thanks. I forked a copy and also updated to your latest + the change you referenced. I’ll report back if it works.

EDIT: Yep, that worked like a charm. A preference would be nice for the future, but for now, I’m a happy camper.

I have a new Smart Energy Switch, and I’m not receiving any energy or power data except for when I first integrate it into the network. I’ve tried adding and removing it from the network several times, and changing the device type to @jpansarasa’s latest custom device type here as well as using Pollster to poll the data and still nothing. I get one blip from the device when I first connect it to the network and then nothing after that. The switch function of the device works with no issue, I can turn it on and off instantly with no delay.

Update: I’ve reached out to Aeon Labs to see if it’s possible the unit is defective, I’ll update more if I hear back from them.

Do you see events in the IDE when you inspect the device?
IDE -> My Devices -> Your Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch -> List Events

With my device type, you will not see the power events in the UI on the phone app.
You will see power events under the device when the value changes by more than 5%
You should always see events for ON and OFF.

Did not know I wouldn’t see them in the phone with your device type, but I’m also not seeing them in the IDE. I’m using this to monitor a laundry machine, and it’s updating the value in the app when I hit refresh, but it’s never showing up in the device events log in either the IDE or on the phone.

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I have recently updated the device type in GitHub.

I added the option to turn on/off displaying the power events in the activity log as well as some other code clean up.


@jpansarasa This isn’t reporting for me, I had to switch back to the Z-wave metered switch. I wasn’t getting my reporting when it was with this device type. Any devices? I didn’t get anything in the logs I just saw it as inactive.

I think i have the same issue that you did, but i switched back because it doesn’t appear to be working for me.

It really was just a display/logging issue. The device type was working fine otherwise as my SmartApps were still triggering and you could see the events in the IDE.

@bmmiller yeah, i’m trying to use it with GrooveStreams app to store data about it, but it isn’t reporting to GrooveStreams when it isn’t in the log. I just don’t see it reporting the energy in the activity log or rendering on the tile correctly.

Which device type are you using? Maybe, I’m using the wrong version or something.

I am using the one for DSC06 referenced in this thread. He has had a couple updates, maybe you have an old version? Also, there is a preference now to display the power entries in the log of the app that works great.