Auto refresh metering-switch values


I’m having problem with my smart metering-switch (Aeotec ZW175-C16). It connected without problems to my Smartthigs Hub, values are measured correctly, I’m able to control it but it looks like the switch is not providing my hub with measured values (W/kWh) until I refresh them manually - in application or using
That’s of course a problem because I want to measure peak power usage of some of my devices through the day. Did I configure something incorrectly and this even shouldn’t be a problem or is it a flaw of ST system?
If so, I’m pretty sure I can work around this problem using the SmartThings CLI app by simply re-running a command that would refresh device status when I need to - I just can’t manage to find one that would be working.
Note: I’m able to read the status of my device from CLI without any problems, it just seems to always pass the same value until I refresh it manually in app or using the (so we’re back to the same problem as above). Could you please give me a hint how the command should look so it can send the ‘refresh’ order to the switch?
Command I’m using to collect switch data:
smartthings devices:component-status 97e49529-0e59-4183-afc0-ff7a606e3712
Returned value:
Capability Attribute Value
powerMeter power 61.899 W
energyMeter energy 0.178 kWh
switch switch “on”