[Aeotec Hub] Connection issues with the platform

Wanted to ask whether the update applies for im6001-v3p01, as the hub is definitely broken for the last few days.
Cannot connect to the internet nor can add it to the Smartthings app.

Hi, @paxyl
I looked for that model and it seems that’s the Aeotec Hub, right?
The thread where you posted involves only Wi-Fi Hubs and yours is V3.
Have you contacted Customer Support about this issue?

Hi @nayelyz
This is a SmartThings Hub. Attaching a picture for reference

I’ve contacted the customer support team via an open Support ticket, this is still being looked into.

Any bright ideas @nayelyz
Please advise. I am still waiting to hear back a meaningful response from the Support team.

Hi, @paxyl
I saw the ticket is in progress, so, please continue with them because we cannot duplicate efforts to analyze the issue.
We don’t have more information about the error you mention, I think it needs the analysis of the engineering team, so, Customer Support will escalate the issue accordingly.

Thank you @nayelyz
I am hopeful that Support team responds quick enough. Based on their response, they seem to have misunderstood the issue and I am hoping they get it right.

Hi @nayelyz
The issue is now resolved and the root cause was indeed surprising

More info in the following post

High Level Root Cause

  • SmarThing Hub cannot connect to a network running Class C Network (192 - 233 IP range)
  • The network should be a Class B network
  • The error on the SmartThing Mobile App - Couldn’t download device controller. Try again by tapping the device card is misleading. It should be more meaningful such as Network Subnet not supported or something on similar lines.

Thank you for looking into this issue. I appreciate it.

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How very strange. I have two Aeotec V3 hubs on two separate networks in two different locations. They both operate on Class C networks (192.168.x.y). I have no current problems.
Is this only a problem with the initial installation/connection?
Or - Am I going to have a major problem in the future?
(Clearly I can reconfigure my home networks to Class B, but that will definitely be a pain!)
Any additional information? Thanks

Hi @art_333, to be honest, my Smarthings Hub was running without any issues for over 4 years. I am sure I had a Class C network back in the day and the hub worked just fine.

I landed into this issue because the hub won’t connect back to the WiFi network all of a sudden. This is when I factory reset the hub, and then I was unable to add it back due to Class C network. I was able to get it added back in one shot on Class B network today.

I would have never thought about this unless the Support Team at SmartThings told me this. See the screenshot below

If your hubs are working fine, it should be fine but if they lose connection, don’t factory reset them. Again, the probability of you landing into the same issue is 50/50, but why take chances. I would say the problem would be with the initial installation/connection.

Reconfiguring to Class B network was pain for me for about 10 minutes but all other devices connected right back. Thus, I would say it is a heavy lifting for 10-15 mins max but is worth it.

Current Status

I have connected my SmartThings Hub via Ethernet now and have added a DHCP reservation so that the Hub’s IP address don’t change, matter what.
It would work on WiFi too, but I am just slightly paranoid about it since the recent disconnection.

I hope this helps in some way.

Have a great weekend :slight_smile:

@paxyl Thanks for the info.
Mine is hardwired to my router (with a reserved IP address), so maybe I’m going to be OK in the long term.
(But - I’m going to save this thread, just in case!)

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Hardwired & reserved IP… way to go @art_333
You should be good for long term :smiley: