Dead V1 hub or platform issue? (October 2020)

Using a v1 hub here. Recently, it has been disconnecting and reconnecting like crazy. Haven’t changed anything with my network - other than the wifi password.

Seems that after some of the recent updates by Samsung, this started happening. Can’t see the status of any devices and Alex integration doesn’t work either. However, some of my automations seems to be working. Any ideas?

Debating on getting a v3 hub if there are any available or possibly switching to a different platform.

There have been many v1 hub users reporting similar issues in the past two weeks. If you are happy with the ST platform, it is probably a good idea to update to the v3 hub. The v1 hub is no longer getting firmware updates so that is good reason to update.

As for buying the hub…

If you are not happy with the ST platform, then you may want to look at alternative options…


I too have a v1 hub that went offline last week. Disconnecting and reconnecting numerous times did nothing. Same as you, Alexa routines were broken and I couldn’t operate any devices although local routines kept working. What DID finally work was turning off my entire network. Everything —hub, gigabit switches, routers, modem, all got powered down for 10 minutes. When I powered back up, all things returned to normal. Yay! Hope this helps.

I found another post stating to unplug power to the hub & the network cable and then reboot it. Then reboot the hub from the IDE.

That seems to have done the trick… thanks!

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So I can’t buy one from Samsung…not familiar with Zones so don’t feel comfortable buying from them…any thoughts on this:

I assume I can disable the WiFi portion and just use it as a hub. I hope!

Edit: that URL is ugly but I can’t seem to clean it up. Sorry!

So I took the plunge on this mesh router and hub…hoping I can leave the mesh portion disabled. Now off to look for the best migration plan. Any feedback on this device (used solely as a hub) if you have exposure would be awesome.

you are best off starting from scratch. anytime you drag stuff from old to new you will eventually have problems. i did the migration from old app to new app with the 3 latest firmware updates and all that eventually started causing problems with devices not working with the hub. today i just scrapped everything and started over. right now things are working way better then they have in a good while.

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Worked for about a day and started with the same nonsense. Decided to replace the hub and I’ll start over fresh when the new unit arrives. Not looking forward to i, but oh well.

oh it will be WELL worth it! I am finding that things are working much better with my fresh re-start. devices are connecting much better. I already have 100 of 300 devices re-installed. it took me all of about an hour to delete all 300 devices in the IDE, 3 mouse clicks per device.

Question for you…did you set up a new location for the new hub? Something like home2 and then delete home (the original) when you’re done/confirmed all functionality and rename home2?

no, i kept the same location and just re-added the hub back.

you can leave rooms and apps and DH.

Hmmm…I thought you couldn’t have two hubs running at the same location so what steps did you take specifically? If you have the time to document and if not no biggie I will scour further. :slight_smile:

i deleted all devices from the hub v2, deleted the hub from my account, then hard reset the hub, then added the hub back to my account, and finally started adding in all the devices.

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Man that’s a pain…going around and resetting everything. I just assumed that if I created a second location with the new hub did the exclusion/inclusion on ZWave I’d be good. Thanks for the info!