Aeotec HEM Gen 5 Edge Driver?

Hi All - is there an approved edge driver for the Aeotec energy monitor? That is the last thing not using edge drivers in my setup, and I am hoping there has been one created that works. Especially since the SmartThings hub is literally now made by Aeotec LOL.

Thanks! Nice to have an edge driver. Too bad it’s missing most of the data that would be useful :frowning:

If only I could get AMPS.

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I’m curious, does the driver allow you to reset energy via Routines or Settings?

I have a Gen 1 and it’s still on a DTH.

I didn’t actually create this routine, but it does appear that you can set criteria to reset the meter.

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My gen 1 is on an Edge Driver and I use a virtual calendar device to schedule a reset the 1st of every month at 12:05am:

I am using my own driver that is based off of ST’s, except I modified it to send watts data based on a change in watts (10 watts, or 1%). ST’s is time based reporting, which is every 5 minutes.

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Watts to Amps (A) conversion calculator This page will help with the conversion. Hope it helps you.

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Thanks - yes, that does help and I can get my amps through this calculation. It was nice to have that built in to the previous groovy driver so I could monitor amperage over time. Hopefully that is something that we can do in the future. I used to pull a CSV file through IFTTT so I could monitor usage over time.

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Also - can anybody explain while all of the new edge drivers are running in the cloud? I thought they would run locally for Z-Wave devices?

Second question - when I re-paired my HEM and Multisensor 6 they said they weren’t paired in secure mode and therefore might not function correctly. However, there was no direction on how to get them paired in secure mode. I looked on the Hub utilities through the web portal, but there is no setting for Z-Eave secure join. Does anyone know anything about that?

Edit: Here is the screenshot:


If the IDE said your Edge devices are running on the cloud ignore it. The IDE doesn’t work with Edge devices. Do not try to change anything regarding Edge devices in the IDE it can mess them up.

When installing Edge devices you have 2 options that work. Scan QR code or scan nearby. Don’t use scan by brand.

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If you scan the QR code on the device, I believe that puts it in secure mode.

There are no QR codes on any of the devices :frowning: Oh well.

Sometimes the QR code is on paperwork that came with the device.

I looked at the user manual online and didn’t see anything. Unfortunately, I am not the type of person to keep paper manuals or packaging after I install things :frowning:

@johnconstantelo thanks for the tip to reset the HEM using a virtual calendar. Would you happen to know how I could make the Gen 5 report every 5 seconds? I’m using Aeotec’s driver

If you are someone who likes/wants to work on code, one way would be to get a copy of their code and modify the lines of code that sends configuration parameters, but I don’t believe their raw code is available.

The other way is to take ST’s code for that device and make a copy for yourself. You’d have to use the CLI to create a channel and then package it all up for installation on your hub, but it’s doable. Here’s the code:

There are many files that are part of that package, but the one you want specifically is this one:

and this line in that file:

device:send(Configuration:Set({parameter_number = 111, size = 4, configuration_value = 300})) – …every 5 min

Just change the 300 seconds to 5.

I believe there are other parameters that ST isn’t configuring, but without Aeotec’s documentation, I’m not sure exactly what they may be. I’m guessing these:

device:send(Configuration:Set({parameter_number = 3, size = 1, configuration_value = 1})) – send watts data based on a change in watts (0 is default for time based reporting)…
device:send(Configuration:Set({parameter_number = 4, size = 2, configuration_value = 10})) – don’t send unless watts have changed by xx amount…
device:send(Configuration:Set({parameter_number = 8, size = 1, configuration_value = 1})) – don’t send unless watts have changed by xx percent…

Aeotec’s driver may also be more feature rich than ST’s, and handle those other parameters, but I’m not sure about that either.

I have installed the edge driver from and set my Aeotec HEM Gen 5 in smart things to use said edge driver, but it does not appear to have made any difference over the standard driver.

Thus Is it possible for someone to develop and publish a edge driver for the Aeotec HEM Gen 5 that will also give voltage, current and power factor readings?

@eveares did you end up finding a workaround for this? I am also looking to add voltage and current.

thanks in advance.

Have not had the time to look into it any further. Also I have noticed some other of my Z-Wave devices have lost their power reporting ability.

It was so much better in the day of Groovy smart apps and device handlers.


Thanks for everyones previous replies, I was able to change the driver to Aeotec’s… I am a previous webcore/ST user, but it appears that has been deprecated.

Looking for some one to point me in the right direction.

Is there anyway to send a daily email stating the amount of KWh’s used in the previous day ? With webcore I could do this, but not sure how to move forward with the new ST architecture.

thanks, mp