My Edge Driver for Aeotec Home Energy Monitor Gen 5 (3 clamps)

Inspired by @ClassicGOD, I created an Edge Driver for the Home Energy Monitor Gen 5 for my own use. It is available at My Channel

This works for me, and having lurked on here for nearly 4 years and learned so much from you all, this was a chance to put back.

As can be seen at my GitHub repo, the source code for this is available, but I am not a developer, so if any of you want to create pull requests, I am more than happy to integrate them.

4 months ago, I installed Solar and ASHP, and the stock edge driver wouldn’t work for me, so I thought I would try to write my own so that I could better manage the power usage in my house. It works for me, and hope this works for you too.

The user instructions from Aeotec are available here as the settings page is complicated to reflect the plethora of options on which group to report which clamp. I have used (and therefore only tested) a basic configuration of report clamp 1 in group 1, clamp 2 in group 2, and clamp 3 in group 3.

Happy to take questions, but please bear with me as I have a busy home and work life but I will come back to you as you have all inspired me over the last 4 years.


Hi Mark and thanks for sharing your driver!
I was wondering would be difficult to make the option in the driver to show passing days used kWh from midnight to current moment at the device card?