Aeotec Home Energy Monitor Gen 2 - Edge Install

I picked up a Gen2 Aeotec HEM. Much cheaper than its current Gen5 version. In preparation, I couldn’t find any Edge drivers for the G2 (not surprised) but did find G5 drivers. There are ones for various numbers of clamps.

When I went to install my 2 clamp G2, it installed and automatically used the 3 clamp G5 driver. The device is “working” but I’m not able to change any of the advanced settings. I also keep getting “The device hasn’t updated all of its status information yet. Check again later” message.

Anyone out there using the G2 on today’s SmartThings systems that can share what driver/install method they are using?

I’m confused: why do you reference “Matter” in your thread title?

Matter doesn’t yet work with any energy monitoring devices, and it doesn’t work with zwave devices, so I’m not sure what issue you’re describing. :thinking:

Sorry…changed. I way to frequently wrongly interchange “Edge” and “Matter”. I’m aware that the 2 are not the same…just get jumbled up in my brain.

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Aeotec provides Edge drivers for their devices so if you are using stock drivers, I’d switch to the one provided by them.

I am using their Edge Drivers. I currently have the device using “Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen5 2 Clamp”

The device works, but I’m not able to change any of the settings. Specifically, It is stuck reporting W and WH for total and both clamps. I’d like it to report Voltage and Amps. I change parameter 101 to: 1769484 but it has no effect on what the device actually reports.

Got this reply from Aeotec:

“While the HEM Gen5 does send voltage and current reports, SmartThings does not currently support voltage or current reports in its UI so it will not appear”

I’d try again with Aeotec. It took several tries for me to get an additional configuration option for their MultiSensor-6. They claimed not to “know how” to display the firmware version–yet other drivers do that successfully!

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