Aeotec HEM G5 2-clamp, one more issue - I get no volts or amps


Morning. I’m Working on a Aeotec Home Energy Monitor Gen 5 and cannot seem to get it to report volts or amps. I’ve read the documentation and the capability should be there - I think. I’ve included a snip below of the setting required for the 101 parameter. I’ve tried 15, 4, and 8, but all the app reports is kWh and Watts. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

  • byte 4 1 kWh Total Readings
  • byte 4 2 Watt Total Readings
  • byte 4 4 Voltage Total Readings
  • byte 4 8 Amperage Total Readings

Note: sorry to posted this question again as a new thread. I wanted to decouple this question from the refresh issue, which is now resolved.