Aeotec Energy Monitor Gen5 refresh rate


I installed a new device yesterday. It is the Aeotec Energy Monitor Gen 5. It seems to be working well, other than I need to constantly fresh the app manually in order to populate the history details or the graphs. I’ve checked everywhere and can’t seem to find a way around this. Without accurate historical data, this app becomes pretty useless for energy tracking unless you’re looking for real-time numbers.

Any help would be appreciated.

Device Details: Gen5
Driver: Z-Wave Electric Meter
Driver version: 2023-0613T18…
ST app firmware ver: 000.048.00003
ST app controller ver: 2.3.22-2

Hi @skunkwurk

It could be device need configure the parameters for energy and power reports.

This post could help you

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Thank you. I just read through this suggestion and made the suggested changes. I’ll keep an eye on it to see if it works. I appreciate the assist!

It works, thanks again!

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Do you happen to know how to get volts and amps in the reports? I read the documentation and edited the parameter 101: 15, which should include total readings for all below.

byte 4 1 kWh Total Readings
byte 4 2 Watt Total Readings
byte 4 4 Voltage Total Readings
byte 4 8 Amperage Total Readings

If anyone has any ideas on why these settings are not be displaying volts and amps per the documentation, I’d appreciate the help.