Aeon Labs DSB45 Water Sensor

When I added the sensor it showed up as a basic Open\Close switch. It Alexa found it and it could trigger routines in Alexa.

However, I wanted it to show up as a Water Sensor instead. So I logged into Graph, went to my device, selected edit and changed the type to Z-wave Water Sensor. Relaunched the app and everything worked as expect and got the push notifications when water was detected. The only issue is that Alexa seems to be unlinked to the device now. It no longer updates and still shows as a contact sensor.

Is there a way to force the link? I tried re-discovering but it isn’t seeing the change.

in Alexa try finding that device and delete its entry. Then re-discover

I can try again but last time Alexa wouldn’t find it again.

Alexa can’t find it again after being deleted.

then you need to do “zwave general exclusion” and re-pair to smartthings hub, then Alexa-re-discover .

“zwave general exclusion”= smartthings-app/ yourRoomName/ yourHubName/ 3dots-menu-top-right/ …

Then I am back to where I was…

  • Device gets added back as open\close device

  • Alexa automatically finds it

  • Device is “functional” in both systems; however classified incorrectly

  • Change type in IDE to Z-wave water sensor

  • SmartThings sees it correctly, Alexa looses it.

I’m thinking about creating a virtual device that Alexa can see but add Automations To mirror the real device and then just hide the virtual device in the SmartThings App.