Pairing of Aeotec Water sensor (model: DSB45-ZWUS)

I got a SmartThings hub sent out from the US. Have set it up here in Australia. Paired Ecolink motion and Door sensors with little or no trouble.
Not able to get either of the Aeotec Water sensors to pair. Tried multiple times. Replaced batteries.
I need some help please!


Are you sure the Aeotecs are broadcasting on the same Z wave frequency? Not on the EU frequency? Aeotec makes both and they look identical, you just have to check the frequency label/model number on the back.

Thanks JD. Yes, both are the US models. Sent from a trusted US based friend.

I don’t know the nuances of Zwave and Zigbee. But for Zwave I would first do a general exclusion of that device that was exhibiting trouble. Then attempt pairing.

My experience is that any new device may be already paired with some other hub in factory testing or previous user installation. So any new device may need reset. Kinda like “always reboot first”. From your manual:

Reset all your sensor’s configurations
Should you wish to reset all your sensor’s configurations,you are able to reset it to its factory defaults.

  1. Press and hold the Z-Wave button on the rear of your Water Sensorfor 20 seconds.
  2. Your Water Sensor will reset to its factory default configuration. its LED will be on for 2 seconds to let you
    know the reset was successful.

Your water sensor’s configurations will also be reset to factory defaults if you remove it from your Z-Wave

Thanks Eric, i will give it a try.