Aeon Labs LED Bulb (ZW098-A52) Device Type

Hi everyone,

My Aeon Labs LED bulb just arrived, and I’m starting the process of building out a device type for it. I’m relatively new to the device type work, but there seems to be very little documentation on attributes or capabilities of the bulb. Does anyone have a good source for the basics on controlling z-wave colored LEDs?


Did it pair with Smartthings? If , so what did it pair as? I interested as well as I have one on the way? Thanks

It paired as a secure dimmer, but I can’t even control on/off with that device type. I’m currently thinking I’ll look at the other Aeon device types to see how they’re switching… The lack of documentation on implementing color channels makes it quite hard.

Is this the RGB light that you speak of?

Assuming so. Here it is on Amazon.

Check out @wackware Fibaro RGBW device type which is a Z-Wave:

Thanks Beckwith!

I’ve been messing with the bulb pretty heavily the last few days and I’m not even getting on/off functionality yet. I’m gonna hold off until the promised firmware update is released.


I can’t get mine paired.

It should definitely pair. Try excluding it and re-adding it closer to the hub.

I was able to get mine paired in the closest socket to my hub after exclusion.

When you exclude, power cycle the bulb quickly four or five times. That kicks it into pairing/exclusion mode. If it’s like mine it will work after exclusion and you can move it farther away. It turns white when it’s paired.

Tyler, is there any chance of direct device type support like the other Aeon products? I don’t mind working on it; I’m just curious.

Yeah, it seems like it partially pairs because I can exclude it. I have it within a foot of the hub.

Yes, there’s absolutely a chance. In fact, we have the beginnings of a working device type.



Will the hub be able to update a gen5 z-wave device firmware. Aeon has indicated a firmware update is coming but since there is no other input it has to be updated through z-wave.

Or is this a v2 hub feature?

I’m not certain. @duncan would know for sure.

Sweet! I’ll keep playing with it to learn and hope that you guys get a bombproof device type out there :smile:.

We haven’t implemented Z-Wave OTA (over-the-air) firmware updates yet, but there’s no reason we can’t. We probably won’t get around to it until there’s an important update to one of our supported devices.

We’ve made good progress on Z-Wave color lights, it shouldn’t be too much longer before they’re supported.


Awesome to hear, Duncan! Any chance you’ll announce the support when it releases so I can get it as quickly as possible? I’m kinda stalled and would love to mess around with what you guys have come up with.

@duncan Just following up to @Jimmy_Bresee’s question…do you guys have an estimated timeline for getting this bulb working properly with SmartThings?

I recently received my preordered Smart Switch 6, Multi Sensor 6, and this RGB LED Bulb from Aeon Labs, so I’m eager to get them working properly with SmartThings. Along with the new devices, I got a note saying that Aeon Labs would be updating the firmware in the first few weeks, so it would be great if SmartThings could handle pushing that out to Gen5 devices.

We all want things to “just work” and don’t always appreciate the level of effort that has to go in on the backend, so thanks for your continued development work!


I just got my bulb today and have included it into my Z-Wave network. I’ve also updated the firmware. I have a Aeon Z-Stick as a secondary controller on my network so I was able to use that to update the firmware. The files / instructions are located here:

[Look for the links at the bottom of the page][1]

Looking at my other gateway software it looks like this might be a multi-channel z-wave device with channels for Level, Cool White, Red, Green, Blue.

Unfortunately I have not found a way to change any channel other than Level.

Probably the most disappointing thing about this bulb for me is the massive size. It sticks pretty far out of all the fixtures I’ve tried it in. Here is a picture of a regular GE LED bulb, a Philips Hue bulb, and the Aeon.


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Oh, and I also got a Multi Sensor 6 and have it included in my network. The Multi Sensor Gen 5 Device Type provided by Smartthings works for the most part. It still needs adjustment to allow for calibrating the sensors and a few readings are missing, but it is working.

Make sure that you don’t include it as a “secure” device though because I really doubt that device type will handle that. The difference in including it as a non-secure and a secure device is using a single “click” of the activation button as opposed to a double “click” to initiate the association.

Over all I am very impressed with that multi sensor. It is extremely small and is packed with functionality. Can’t wait to get the recessed mounting kit.