Aeon Labs Z-Wave Plus LED RGB Bulb Gen5 ZW098-A52

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Did a quick search on the forum, not found anything about this yet:

About $10 cheaper than the Hue A19, Z-Wave instead of ZigBee (could be better for some with regards to 2.4GHz interference) but seemingly WAY more powerful with ~850 lumens Vs. the Hue’s ~600, also officially stated as being usable outdoors and of course is a Z-Wave repeater so might be useful for people who have Z-Wave devices on outer edges which might need a helping hand.

Basic manual:

Extended manual:

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My search foo is apparently lacking :frowning:



As Keith points out, there is already an existing topic for this device. Please combine this thread with the existing topic:

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I only really know because I took part in the conversation as I’m interested in the thing. It’s in the wish I had bucket.

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@April Perhaps in the merge, the other thread title could be edited to add the ‘ZW098-A52’ model number as well please :smile:


I added the model number to the other thread title. Good idea. :sunglasses: A lot of times threads get started on a new device during the preannouncement phase, when model numbers are not available.

While we’re discussing pros and cons, read the other thread. Although this is shaped like a traditional bulb, it’s physically very large, it may either look odd or not fit a lot of fixtures.