Aeon Labs LED Bulb Device Type Not Functioning

I’ve been using the RGBW light device type for my Aeon Labs ZW098-C55 and ZW098-C48 RGBW LED bulbs.

However the device type has never seemed to work quite right, lots of smart apps seen unable to affect the dim/color (on/off does work), or set completely incorrect colors, and setting the warmth on the slider seems not correlated to the color.

After reading some relatively outdated threads on the forum withc complaints of similar issues, it appears that there’s now an official device type built into SmartThings and on GitHub, but my devices refuse to function if I select that type.

Even if I exclude/re-include the bulbs they’re always detected as the “RGBW LED” bulb and switching the type to “Aeon RGBW LED Bulb” makes them stop responding. There were some hints that they might need to be secure included, which I believe I have done following the manual (exclude then re-include after OFF, ON, OFF, ON, OFF, ON), but they still don’t behave.

Sidebar: is there a way to tell they were secure included?

Do you have these bulbs? Do you have the same problem?
Can you see why this might be happening?