Luxxus LED-bulbs

Hi All,
can any one please tell me if you have any experience connecting Smartthings Hub to Luxxus LED-bulbs ?

Thanks !

I would highly doubt anyone has. Since they’re WIFI it would be possible. A developer would have to figure out how to access their API if they even offer one.

Aren’t the Phillips Hue’s around the same price point? Looks like they would be in US $. Those already work with ST but you have to get a bundle with the bridge.

There’s also the Aeon Labs Z-wave RGB LED that has an unofficial device type and it sounds like it might be official soon.

Hi ,
I got the Luxxus LED bulbs almost 2 years ago…
thought to my self it would be great to connect them to the hub.
maybe one day :wink:

Yea like I said it’s possible with its hardware it’s just effort required on the manufacturers end and someone on this end.

Post it up on the recommended device integration thread.