Coming May 2015 Aeon Labs Light Bulb

I just got this email earlier this morning


Cool, Hope it’s less than Hue. At least no hub. I’d be really interested to get this integrated ASAP.


Same here. I hate having to add another hub/gateway to my router when it can be done with ST.

Here here, @April any luck we can shoot this up the integration ladder? I’m sure it will be hot, Aeon seems to be the go to other than SmartSense stuff.


Any info regarding the lumen output? I must be missing it on their page.

They say it’s equivalent to a 70 watt incandescent, so that would be around 900-1000 lumens.

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Looks pretty nice. Interesting that it z-wave instead of zigbee though – so it will definitely work directly with ST so long as ST supports Gen5.

I also like that it can act as a repeater.


I thought they did once they got their z-wave plus certification?

There’s no guarantee that it will seamlessly work with smart things just because it’s zwave. Zwave has both a basic class and additional classes. Smartthings is only certified for the basic class. They do add other command classes over Time, but not necessarily all of them.

So there is no way of knowing yet whether a dimmable, color temperature controllable, color controllable Z wave bulb would be natively supported by smartthings, particularly at launch. The basic commands set is just on and off for light, plus dimming for a bulb that self identifies as a multilevel switch.

We’ll just have to see. There are 2 Zwave light bulbs on the market now, linear and Domitech, although I suspect the Domitech is a rebrand of the linear. Some community members have tried them but with varying results.

Just found this and hope they price comes down–fast

That’s cheaper than I expected and is $10 less than Hue. It’s RGB, so the cost would never compete with the GE Links and Cree’s that are a single color temp.


Yea $10 less plus no bridge. Would like it to be a little bit less.


Has anybody used the WEMO bulbs? They are BB for 29.99

Based on my Wemo experience with ST I wouldn’t touch them, but I think I heard that they’re direct zigbee control in which case they might be fine. As long as it doesn’t go cloud to cloud.

I believe the Wemo bulbs are a proprietary ZIgbee, not ZHA or ZLL, and consequently can only be controlled by their own bridge device. And do not interface with anything else, including the Phillips bridge or the smartthings hub.

If someone else knows differently, please let us know.

I sure hope that we will have fill control over these within ST

These require about 10% more energy than a hue but are supposed to be about 25% brighter, so if you currently use four Hues in a room, you might be able to use three of these, which would save energy overall.

It’s always interesting to see zwave bulbs, because they usually act as a repeater for other Z wave devices, while the ZLL zigbee bulbs may only act as a repeater for others ZLL bulbs (this is true for Hues), it just depends on the manufacture.

If a bulb can act as a repeater, it’s often an easy way to put a repeater in a room high up, which can help strengthen the mesh.

You do have the same issue you have with most smart bulbs: preventing people from turning the power off at the switch.

I haven’t seen any pricing on the aeotec bulbs yet, has anyone? It’s nice to see them in so many different country configurations, though.


I just posted it in my thread from a website I found. they are listed at 49.99–OUCH!

I wonder how long until monoprice makes one

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I wont mind the price if i dont have to buy a gateway for them to work correctly with ST

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