Aeon labs Gen 5 sensor issue

So I have two gen 5 motion sensors that were both working fine before migration to v2. Now one of them only shows the battery level but doesn’t report the status of any of its sensors. I tried removing battery, exclusion/inclusion dance with no success to bring it back. Any suggestions other than just buying another sensor?

Update 1: after last “tap dance” of power cycle, exclusion /inclusion and z-wave repair I was able to get the status on all sensors but motion.

Update 2: did another reset but this time I’ve added the device back by using “+Connect New Device” instead of “Aeon Labs Multi-Sensor (Gen 5)”. The motion is now working but not the other sensors! Opening yet another ticket…

Update 3: After running 2 more z-wave repairs the device is FINALLY showing the status on ALL sensors!!!

I just added a new one a few days ago. From previous experience after it paired I waited like a half hour. Then the thing finally began reporting all data. Hope that helps for someone else. I have no idea why it is or what its doing that causes that…but thats been my consistent experience with these.

I did too wait 30 to an hour before resetting it based on previous threads I’ve read, but that didn’t work for me.

I am having issues with it when running on battery. On USB power, it works fine without any issues. All sensor reports. However, when on battery, it only reports battery data and the other sensors doesn’t update at all. Anyone have any idea?


Hello folks - I too am having the “battery only” issue with the Gen 5 multi-sensor talking to hub v2. I will try excluding and including a few times to see if that helps, per the first post in this thread.

If that doesn’t work then I’ll try the USB power test, which won’t be a long term solution but would at least help with the troubleshooting. Fingers crossed, as I’m having a lot of issues with hub v2 lately.

Thanks to those who post regularly on these forums; I really learn a lot from you all and am very thankful for how you share helpful information so readily. :smile:

I just bought a sensor a couple weeks ago and for the life of me cannot get the thing to pair at all, for anything. What was the process you followed to pair outside of the exclusion/inclusion, repair which is what smartthings told me to do.

Outside of those 3 was curse, pray, rinse, repeat and wait. Sorry, was a frustrating experience…

Hello again - yep, agreed. I’m mixing two unknowns here, as I’ve had no problems with the “original” generation multi-sensor with the gen1 hub. Now I’m trying the newer gen5 multi-sensor with the gen2 hub, and experience a variety of odd behaviors.

Thus far I haven’t been able to exclude (un-pair) the gen5 sensor so that I could try it again. I have a second sensor (not yet associated) that the gen2 hub cannot see (it’s not pairing at all). Next attempt is to pull the gen2 hub batteries and power cycle it.