Aeon labs stuck on motion

I have one aeon labs motion sensor on my front door works great, just eats batteries like nothing else… I just installed another aeon labs motion sensor and the sensor is reading open all the time even when there is no motion. Infact to make sure I was not crazy I stuck the motion sensor in a cabinet that we hardly ever go into and it’s still reading motion along with no temp or anything. It does give me battery %… I had an old gen5 that I thought was broken before getting this new one because it did the same thing thinking it was broken.

I uninstalled it and reinstalled it several times. It’s a Gen5 sensor so I tried the gen5 install and the older install and still same thing.

Any help or advise…

Is it the round gen 5 or the square one? Either way, here is something for your reading pleasure…

Its the round sensor. Thanks for the 2 links, I’ll check them out!

Summary of troubleshooting (start from the top and work your way down list (if you contact support they most likely will suggest the last step, but that’s really time consuming, because you need to unhook the device from all of the apps that are using it):

  • power cycling by taking battery out
  • use reset feature in ST
  • resetting the device to factory and then running reset in ST
  • general exclusion and then inclusion using stock handler

And you may need this too (for resetting to factory)

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