Pairing Aeon Labs Gen5 Multi-Sensor (Model ZW074-A)

The documentation for this device to your Smart Things Hub are nonexistent, so here is what works for me. It took about an hour to pair my first sensor to pair but after that following these steps I’ve paired 3 more in less than a minute.

  • Put batteries into sensor

  • On the Sensor, Hold the black button on the back until the red LED goes solid and then turns off (~30secs)

  • In the SmartThings App, begin search for new device

  • On the sensor, tap the black button.

  • In the SmartThings App, the sensor should be discovered within a few seconds.

A couple of things to note:

  • Motion will be reported immediately, and will report "no Motion"
    after 4 minutes of no motion

  • Temperature, Humidity, Light Level are not reported right away, it takes ~32 minutes for the first value to show up. After that the levels will be updates every 32 minutes but will only be reported if there is a change

  • In the “Things” tab of the app, the value displayed can be changed by tapping on the tile’s gear and selecting motion, temp, humidity, or light level. The selection is designated by a little orange circle in the upper right hand corner of the tile.

There are a couple of cosmetic bugs in the activity log with the default device type. Feel free to use my couple of edits

To be clear this post is about this sensor

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Very helpful, thanks!

Aeon Labs has two Gen5 Multisensors–the original one (ZW074-A). and the new Multisensor 6 (ZW100-A). The Multisensor 6 adds UV and vibration monitoring to the motion, light, temperature, and humidity of the original.

I can’t read github (I depend on text to voice software), which model is your device handler for?

Its labeled as the Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Gen5 Multi-Sensor (Z-Wave Plus) and has Motion, Light, Temperature, and humidity sensors. I can’t find the official model number on the device, box, website, or manual. I can give you the Amazon Link and this link which lists this as ZW074-A

This is not the Multisensor6 with the additional UV and vibration sensors, model ZW100-A

It is also not the Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Multi-Sensor which only has Motion, Temperature and Light sensors Model DSB05-ZWUS

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That’s the “4-in-1.” Aeon model number (which is the one listed on the conformance statement) is ZW074-A

Yeah, the gen6 sensor is ZW100-A for the record

Look again–there is no “Gen6” Aeon Multisensor. There’s a “Gen5 Multisensor 6.” Gen5 stands for the chip generation, chip 500, which is zwave plus. Multisensor 6 means it measures 6 things: motion, temperature, light, humidity, vibration, UV. They could make a “Gen5 Multisensor 3” if they wanted.

I blame Aeon and their crap handling of manuals, instructions, model numbers, and naming.


I got two of these sensors recently and after a successful pairing with the Hub and waiting for about 30 minutes for the sensors to begin sending data, I still cannot get either of them to respond to any kind of motion.

I seem to be getting pretty accurate readings for temperature, humidity, and illuminance but no kind of response to motion. By default, it’s stuck on active motion but if I play around with the action it switches to “no motion” and stays that way.

Any idea on how to resolve this?

I’ve excluded and rejoined this device several times with USB power, battery power, secure mode, hard reset, etc. to no avail.

Just seen a new Aeon Labs sensor announced, anyone attempted to integrate one with ST yet?

Aron Labs ZW112-A Door / Window Sensor 6
Any door. Any window. Any home.

I just bought one and am having the same problem. Motion sensor seems inop. Did you find a solution?

They eventually worked but after many painstaking hours of excluding and including them. The procedure that seemed to work in the end is as follows:

  1. Exclude the device from your hub’s Z-wave network.
  2. Move your hub as far away as possible from your WiFi router.
  3. Remove the battery cover on the Multisensor and hold down the black action button for almost 30 seconds and until the the light stops blinking completely to reset it.
  4. Put your hub in inclusion mode (“add a thing”).
  5. With the Multisensor as close to your hub as possible, hold down the black action button for about 30 seconds to reset it again while your hub is in inclusion mode. Your hub should should not say it found a device as you still haven’t sent the inclusion signal by performing a reset. If your hub detects the device while you’re performing this second reset, start over from step 1.
  6. Once the reset on the Multisensor is complete (orange light on the sensor has stopped flashing), let go of the button, wait 1 second, then normally press and release the action button again while your hub is still in inclusion mode.
  7. The hub should detect the device right away and all 4 sensors functioning normally.

If everything seems to be normal but motion is not responsive, try the above procedure again. If you’re getting no data on any of the device’s sensors then wait 30 mins to see if it will begin getting readings before trying again. Generally, I found that if it doesn’t include the first time around with all of the data showing properly then you’re better off just trying again.

Hope this helps. Let me know if it works for you.

When I saw at Aeon Labs documentation about this product, there’s a possibilities to change reporting interval. I there any way to change it with our ST system ?

Because I need to read lux value more often for better experience smart lighting. Maybe about 10 or 15 minutes

@Mozzulu Thanks for the info on inclusion helped me out. Now got two out of three working properly. Waiting for the third to update for first time.
Using handler from Aotec.