Having issues with one Aeon Gen5 Multisensor

(Sean Murray) #1

I purchased 3 Aeon Gen5 Multisensors to add to my network. Two I’ve managed to get setup correctly, though I did have exclude and pair each one multiple times before all the data was being reported (temp, battery, lux, humidity, motion). One sensor still isn’t however. I’ve excluded and paired it no less than a dozen times at this point. Each time the only thing that is showing up in the live logs is a battery level status update. Nothing else is being reported. The sensor is still showing motion even though I have it hidden inside a basket at home to be sure it wouldn’t be triggered. I’ve submitted a support request, but was hoping someone here had some insight or suggestions.


Sounds like a bad device, it happens. Can you exchange it?

(Sean Murray) #3

That’s what I was afraid of. I purchased them from Amazon so I should be able to return and reorder.

(JF) #4

Are the ones you bought these?

I like the prospect of 2 year battery. the size vs the previous version as well… How do you feel about them now that some time has past?