Aeon Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 - New Battery reporting 0%

(mikenicholson) #1

I have one of ten Aeon Gen5 door sensors that is working fine with fresh new alkaline batteries, but the iOS app and the website report 0% battery and it is flagged. I have rebuilt the z-wave network, rebooted the hub, removed and replaced the batteries in the sensor multi time and still can not clear the error.

(Darin) #2

I’d send an email to support. That is usually the best route for issues like this.

(Paul James) #3

I have 3 of these sensors and after replacing the batter in one it is also showing 0% and has been for several months now. Please post if you find a solution.

(mikenicholson) #4

Feedback from Support - So it looks like you should open a ticket as well, while I wait another week:

Aeon sensors are known for intermittently taking a long time to update their states once a new battery has been inserted. This can literally take a week or so to update.

What is happening is that the battery sensing circuit is waiting to see the battery level make a slight drop, then it will poll the battery and start reporting the battery level properly.

If this continues to show 0% for two weeks, please email me.

(Alex) #5

I figured out what the issue is… in the configuration of the sensor there is a parameter that tells it to send battery status. It is parameter 101 and the default is 0 (disabled). I hacked @jabbera’s DTH to force it to send a 1 for that parameter when the sensor notifies the hub it has awaken. I then pressed the button for 6 seconds (until it starts blinking and no longer) to force it to wake up and bingo, I saw updated battery readings in the live logging for the sensor!

Now I need some help from a programmer to fix this correctly… volunteers?

(J.R.) #6

Looking at this mine also reports 100% since the day I installed it… any suggestions on the fix?