Advertising and Selling Smart Apps

I am currently taking several programming courses at the local community college and I am interested in developing several smartapp ideas for class projects as I progress through the program.

My question is I notice other members selling smartapps on the forum (or asking for money to access code). Are there any rules that prevent me from setting up a store here on the forum and advertising apps I write and asking for money (ie pay to play)? I searched but did not find anything preventing this but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t breaking any rules prior to going this route.



No, nothing to stop you

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Thanks! Now I just have to get the prof to go for it.

This post has the potential to spark a larger discussion, but there is some thought as SmartThings that we want more and more apps to be submitted and published officially as it is the only way we can truly maintain a level of awareness and security with regard to 3rd party and partner innovation.

In short, I wouldn’t put a ton of effort into creating a marketplace for non published apps.

For our part, we will get better about more rapidly approving submitted apps. Not necessarily in a first in, first out scenario in all cases.



What better way than polling the customer base :slight_smile: Or having a some kind of voting mechanism to allow new apps to get in front…

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