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I keep frequently seeing new users come on here and really struggle to find great Community created SmartApps that could fix their needs . . . which gets me thinking.

Would it be viable or even an idea to have a 3rd party app store created where all the community developers can put their code’s for SmartApps / Devices Types Etc (non official ones) which then users can copy and paste at their own discretion/risk . . .

if you built a system where users had to login also, you could make it in such a way that when a user copies that code, they are subscribed to that smartapp (this meaning if you as a developer update the code, the website could inform all users who have installed it) . . . either this or like smarttiles you include an installer that you give permission to, then you can auto push updates.

i just imagine a nice clean location with categories for device types and smart apps // categories for device types and use cases like " locks / sockets / window coverings / etc etc " would make everyone’s lives so much easier, and also help push these hidden gems created by community developers to a much wider audience, it would also allow smartthings to see which smartapps are been used most by users, professionally managed by the developer and worthy of been made official quicker etc etc.

anyone got thoughts or ideas on this ?

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This has been proposed a few times.

Fact is that there’s no chance of this being successful with the limited SmartThings Customer base, and no channels for exposure unless the operators spent $10s of thousands on marketing and there’s no way sales would cover those costs.

TL;DR … “Show me the money.”

i didnt initially mean to sell the smartapps / device types . . . i think the ways to make £££ will come from the official smartapps and device types that end up in an official smartapp/device type store through samsung . . .

this was more an idea for everyone to have all there codes in one place, catergories and easy to navigate and access for users, so everyone doesnt have to go through community topics and 100s of replies to find code and latest versions etc etc


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Github is where most of them are. But they aren’t categorized and easy to fine. It just isn’t the way this environment is setup, until there is an official app store, I don’t see it happening.

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Oh… Well then, … No chance at all.

Pretty much all unofficial initiatives are doomed. The proves that again. Very few contributions (Wiki markup format is really awful to write), no incentive to contribute, and doubt it gets many readers (not promoted by SmartThings).

i did the gfx for the wiki, its a great concept but needs the traffic from smartthinsg to assist it as yet again everyone just has to look on here to find out about it . . . as for the app store idea we could maybe add that onto the wiki, i just think it seems stupid having users hunt through 1000 reply threads to find a smart app code or stumble on it or tons of developers smartapps never be found and utalised . . . if users could find these easier in a structure environment then everyone would benefit more and progress would be swifter . . .

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Cconcepts are easy. Execution is hard… We know this because SmartThings was already a “great concept” over 4 years ago and still has non-trivial issues.

I stand by my conclusion: Non-official spinoff initiatives to organize documentation and/or SmartApps are highly like to fail. There’s just insufficient Community energy to build the necessary momentum.

If SmartThings wants a successful wiki and/or pre-release SmartApp directory, then they need to assertively step up and promote (and fund) them.

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i agree with this . . . this is the solution.

@slagle / @jody.albritton @wendylee :wink:


We have a new marketplace (in app) launching this month. In the following months a web component will be added to enhance discovery on that front. Before I was hired, I even went so far as to build a concept community marketplace. I never released it because after thinking about it I came to the conclusion that it would only bifurcate the customer experience. In theory it seems like an easy thing to do, to just stand up an marketplace on the web.

Two things you are going to keep hearing over and over:

Reliability and Stability.

We want SmartThings to be the best platform for connecting the things around you and making them smarter. To that end, enhancements will be added in a thoughtful manner and continue to evolve over time. I think all of this is great feedback and welcome the continued discussion.


I stumbled on this thread because I was surprised that SmartThings has not implemented an app store for people like me to search and purchase creative applications to help me as I expand my home automation. I know there are plenty of apps out there, but finding them is difficult. I thinks this is important and as mentioned should be implemented, promoted and supported by SmartThings.

True, they should in the meanwhile some of the devs have created their own app stores that you can browse. Here are some of them:


Also, here’s a GREAT community owned repository for apps and device types:


I am already subscribed for yours RBOYAPPS.COM- Lifetime. I am always willing to pay for the work others do to create apps and your site is great. I will check out the others also- thanks for the information.


Let’s not forget Brice. @obycode


Are all of these link added to the Wiki?

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I just added them